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2001 sunfire is getting to where it wont start sometime and it quit going down the road as if the ignition was turned off sometimes it will start right back up and sometimes it takes several tries and?

Answer . Actually it sounds like you crank sensor, same thing was happening with my 2001.. Thanks that could be true to but this is what happened to me maybe this will hel (MORE)

Why wont my Hyundai Elantra start up?

Fuel tank empty . Battery dead . Battery terminal loose or corroded . Leaking fuel injector(s),faulty fuel pump,pressure regulator etc . Fuel not reaching fuel rail . Ign (MORE)

My pocket rocket bike will not start?

if u cant find the problem than its probably some thing in the motor or in the wireing if u need help and u live in Katy Texas email me at and we can aran (MORE)

Oldesmobile toronado cranks but wont start I was driving it on the road and it stalled out and would not start back up and it still will not start.?

It could be A few things, I would start with the distributor cap and rotor, The rotor can get A pin-hole in it and let it create A shorted firing route.,,, If this is good, Th (MORE)

Why wont maple story start up?

Maplestory may not start up because of your firewall settings or the must delete all the stuff in your hackshield file if that doesnt work you probably have windows vista on w (MORE)

Sony Vaio wont start up?

Some sony vaio's purchased around the 2008, have a heat problem it was reported that the laptops overheated and the graphics processing units became unstable causing the unit (MORE)

Why wont your gba game start up?

It is possible that your game is broken. Before confirming that however, try blowing lightly inside it to clear out some possible dust that could be interfering with the reada (MORE)

Why wont second life start up?

Some of the more common reasons for Second Life failing to start up are:- 1. Your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements. Second Life can be quite demanding o (MORE)