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Does pubic hair turn grey when you get old?

Answer Yes, it does. But it takes longer to turn since it is at least 12years younger than the hair on your head. Genes play a large part-but all of it- even the hair on your (MORE)
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Do redheads have red pubic hair?

A lot of times, a natural redhead will have red pubic hair, probably a shade or two lighter or darker than the hair on their head. But many people with red hair may have blond (MORE)

What makes pubic hair turn gray?

When you get reallly really acient and old, your pubes turn grey from lack of sex, if your bald on the head then most likely your bald down there tooo. You seriously need sex (MORE)

When does pubic hair start to grow?

well one day you will see hair down there so write it down and help the rest of the world know when. i started growing very small, faint, hairs down there when i was 12 and 1/ (MORE)

When do girls start to get pubic hair?

Different ages for different people. Some girls begin to enter puberty (which includes growth of body hair) around age 9, some girls at age 14. There is no way to speed it up (MORE)