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What does 'Das haben wir gleich' mean?

Literally, 'we have that directly.' . But in context probably something along the lines of, 'We have that in common.'. Second opinion . The translations that retain the co (MORE)

Is Haben a name?

Not only is it the German word to "have", It is also a German family name. There are about 365 people in Germany by that name.

What verbs take Haben?

Haben is the general rule for past tense verbs, with the exceptions of verbs that involve transit. Sein and bleiben are the other two exceptions. ======= The German verbs (MORE)

Welche chromosomen haben männer und frauen?

Welche Chromosomen haben Männer und Frauen? translates as what chromosomes do men and women have? Menschen haben 46 Chromosomen. Bei Frauen sind zwei davon X-Chromoso (MORE)

Wieso versteht diese Site kein Deutsch?

Wieso versteht diese Site kein Deutsch? translates as why does this site not understand German? This site is an English language site with a German translation category (MORE)
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When do you use haben?

in german, in the past tense when there isn't a change of state (: x

Was sei haben ein herzschmerzen?

This is not correct German, nor is it asking for a translation. I think it's just spam, but if I had to translate something, I'd switch it to "Haben Sie Herzschmerzen?" This t (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Haben - 1964?

The cast of Haben - 1964 includes: Willem Fricke as Eisenbahner Dieter Geissler as Blonder junger Mann Heinrich Gretler as Nachbar David Renate Grosser as Witwe Biro Hanne Hio (MORE)