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How do you get Lugia in xd?

get the mystery gift on lg/fr and get ticket to naval rock in there you will see lugia and ho-ho 55555555555555555555555555555
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What is the meaning of 'XD' in an SMS?

The "X" means "cross-eyed" and the "D" means a smile; it's like a really excited face. . It is supposed to be a laughing face; some people say that it will replace the mor ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Ho-oh in Pokemon XD?

Get it from coloseeum by trading it to a GBA game then trading it to Xd.
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How do you get jirachi in xd?

You will need to connect your Gameboy Advance to the Gamecube andtrade over Jirachi from the Bonus Disc or from a special event.
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What is Pokemon XD about?

Saving the world from an evil headquarters changing regular Pokemon into fighting machines your job is to snag them using a special snag machine and purify there hearts.
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How do you get iTunes XD?

go to and click ipod+itunes at the top, then click download button (its hard to miss) . after downloading, just run the installer which will guide you through the ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Celebi in xd?

Pokémon XD is a Pokémon game for the GameCube console. It is notpossible to get Celebi in the game.
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Can you get a mew in xd?

I would have to say no, since what I read was that you have to transfer one in.
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How do you get dragonite in XD?

You have to capture all of the shadow Pokemon and then go to the lighthouse roof in Gateon Port. Miror B will be there and he will battle you with a level 55 shadow Dragonite ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a crobat in XD?

You need to catch a Zubat from the Cave Poke Spot, then evolve it. After evolving into a Golbat, it will evolve into a Crobat when it's happiness is high enough.
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What is Disney xd?

It is a new channel that shows sports and Extreme action like Zeke and Luther, Kick Buttowski, and some other old Disney channel shows like Suite life of Zack and Cody and old ( Full Answer )
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What does XD stand for?

Execute Disable Bit (Intel) or- Extreme Digital (a type of a flash memory card developed by FujiFilm and Olympus) or- ex dividend or- Exercised or- Christmas Day or- Mi ( Full Answer )
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What does XD mean?

The X represents their eyes squinting with laughter, and the D is aopen laughing mouth, e.g. saying 'Ha Ha!'. now chat with it!it's a face, look at it sideways. XD =D =P =)
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What face is XD?

XD is either of two meanings. - A cross eyes person (a x for eyes) - Or a hyper person (lay off the blue smarties)
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How do you get cyndaquil in xd?

you have to beat all the 100 battles in mt.battle and then you have a choice of either picking cyndaquil, todadile, or chickarita ( if i spelled that right ). Hope this helpe ( Full Answer )
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What are XD movies?

XD stands for Extreme Digital, Cinemark's answer to IMAX. It has ahigher slope than a normal theater, a customized surround soundsystem made specifically for this type of thea ( Full Answer )
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What does the 'XD' mean?

XD is a face. Can't you see it? The X are the eyes and the D is the wide open smiley mouth. Now do you see it? Look at it better.
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Will Disney XD have an anime block?

That would be cool, but as of 2010, XD only has one anime, Naruto Shippuden, although they are co-creating another one for 2011.
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How much is Pokemon XD?

At GameStop it goes for roughly $12.99, Pre-Owned. You can currently purchase Pokemon XD for as little as £19.99 this is the cheapest available over the n ( Full Answer )
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What are some Pokemon XD glitches?

you can get a celebi by purifying all shadow Pokemon at agate village!'it happened to me XD
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Who is Rebel XD?

Rebel XD is a rapper native to the Chicago area. He is famous for being the Fastest Rapper in the world. His mentality towards Rap has gained him many positive fans within the ( Full Answer )
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Is Pokemon XD compatible with revolution?

No but if you trade Pokemon to firered or any 3rd gen game then migrate them to diamond or any 4th gen game you can use xd Pokemon in revoulution!
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Can you get a dawn stone in Pokemon XD?

no. xd only goes to 3rd generation (it has Kanto, Jhoto, and Hoen). dawn stone is a Sinnoh evolution item
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Where is the train restaurant in Pokemon XD?

It is out towards the south-east on the map. IT IS CALLED THE OUTSKIRT STAND NOT THE TRAIN RESTRAUNT. I can't remember when exactly you can travel to it but they have varietie ( Full Answer )
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Why did they delete jetix for Disney XD?

what i think is Disney cancled it because i might be wrong but they just got tired of it and so they just put the block off and made jetix rietired. then in feburary 13th 2009 ( Full Answer )
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Can you catch Pokemon on Pokemon XD?

Yes there are places called pokespots put pokesnacks onto the pokefeeder and wait until the spot monitor goes off go to the area where you put the snacks and you will find a r ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the elevator to work in Pokemon XD?

Get the key from where you snagged shroomish or in the Isle you have to go down the elevator from the top or you get the key in the stadium after you beat snattle
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How do you get a latios in xd gale of darkness?

Answer: You can't in any way obtain either of the Eon duo on Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. You can, however, trade them into the game via Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (unconfirmed) ( Full Answer )
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What doe xd mean on clubpenguin?

XD is a way of laughing. If your in a hurry just say XD if u see something funny.
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How do you get on to Disney xd?

Disney XD is a TV channel that comes with most cable providers. If you don't get it, you can probably find specific shows on YouTube or Netflix, or watch full episodes on disn ( Full Answer )
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Can you trade to Pokemon XD?

Yes, after beating the game, you can link a Generation 3 game to the Game Cube to trade.
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How do you evolve Eevee in Xd?

Find the parts shop in gateon port its in the west, talk to the sailor in there and ask for any of his items, note the shards if kept will evolve your evee to espeon and umbre ( Full Answer )
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How do you trade from Pokemon XD?

You have to beat the main storyline of the game and go to the basement of the Phenac City Pokemon Center.
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WhaT IS xd in wizard101?

first of all, XD isn't just in wizard101 its in real life 2 and it is a laughing face sideways =)
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How can you be on Disney XD?

Send a letter to the producers of disney XD saying you are good at acting and that you want a chance to be in a feature television show.