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The Father has a name Jehovah or Yahweh and the Son has a name Jesus or Yeshua so what is the name of the holy ghost?

"Holy Ghost" is its name. The Bible does not support the idea that the "Holy Ghost" or "Holy Spirit" is a person. The holy spirit is spoken of as 'filling' people; they c ( Full Answer )
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Is Yeshua Yahweh God of the Old Testament?

Yeshua is a transliteration of the Hebrew name of Jesus (or Joshua, another version of the same name), and Yahweh is a transliteration of the Tetragrammaton, or Hebrew name of ( Full Answer )
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Jesus or Yeshua?

Jesus is English and Yeshua is Hebrew.. Answer:. Jesus is not Yeshua, Jesus is translated from the word Zeus.. Yahshua is translated for Hebrew and is not the name of Yosef ( Full Answer )
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What was the last name of Mary the mother of Yeshua?

Last names such as we use weren't used by the Jewish people of the first century.. Instead, it was their custom to add "son of" or "daughter of" together with the name of the ( Full Answer )
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Which name of the savior is correct yeshua or yah shua?

Interesting question. The names Yeshua and its variants are popular today with many Christians including Messianic Jews. However, the New Testament, being originally written i ( Full Answer )
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What does the name yeshua mean?

Yeshua means "to deliver" or "to rescue". Which is fitting as this is generally considered to be the Hebrew word which is rendered in English as Jesus. Jesus came to the eart ( Full Answer )
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How did the name Yeshua translate to Jesus?

All Americans use Y --> J Ex) Yerushraim --> Jerusalem Y'hudah --> Judah Yeshua --> Jesus this happening is not know about original mean ישוע Yeshua m ( Full Answer )
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Did yeshua die on a cross or a tree?

There are many places in the Bible where it talks of his death and they all mention a cross: ~Matthew 27:32 ~Mark 15:21 ~John 19:19 ~John 19:25 ~Acts 5:30
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Is Jesus' original name Yeshua?

The name Yeshua is in the HEBREW language; Yes that would be original; -- or, in fuller form, Jehoshua, meaning in English literally 'Jehovah Is Salvation.' The 'Jeh' is the s ( Full Answer )
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What does Yeshua mean?

YHWH is Salvation. Yeshua purpose was to point to the father as his name states.
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What tribe did Jesus Yeshua come from?

(I'm Korean) Yeshua came through tribe of Y'hudah(Judah) "Y'hudah, your brothers will acknowledge you, your hand will be on the neck of your enemies, your father's sons wil ( Full Answer )
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Did the Jews believe and accept Yeshua as their Savior?

In its very early days, the Christian church was a sect of Judaism . So the answer to the question is yes, initially. There have always been small numbers of Jews who have ac ( Full Answer )
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What do you call those who keep the Torah and believe Yeshua is the Son of God in Hebrew?

They would be called Christians or Notsrim (נוצרים) in Hebrew (literally "Nazerenes"). Notsrim is the proper term for Christians in Hebrew. If you are spe ( Full Answer )
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By what other name is ''Yeshua'' known?

Yeshua was a name of Hebrew origin which was frequently alternated with the name Joshua. The name Yeshua is also used to refer to Jesus in different contexts.
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Would Yeshuas Bah-yit be the correct Hebrew for Jesus's home?

No. The " 's " in order to claim possession is a uniquely Englishphenomenon. Most other languages have some form of written orimplied "of" that they use. In Hebrew, the word f ( Full Answer )
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In Judges chp 19 20 21 Why did 65000 israelites have to die to avenge the death of one concubine is it because not that the many died for the one but rather the one Yeshua died for the many?

In Judges chapter 19:20-21, the 65000 Israelites had to die toavenge the death of one concubine because Yeshua had died formany. . ASKER: I meant Judges Chapters 19-21. Not J ( Full Answer )