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How do you know if you are really falling for someone or if it's just a temporary crush especially if you just came out of a long-term relationship?

Answer . It's best to take it slow and easy. It could well be love, but after a bad relationship (especially a long term one) you need time to think about things, deal wit (MORE)

How do you know it's just a crush?

This is how you know because if he/she always talks to you then that means he/she likes you and if they always pick as there parnter that meas it's a crush and if you go out o (MORE)

How do you attract your crush?

you attract your crush by getting to know them and to do this there are a few steps:. become friends . then see if they are interested in you . then ask them out

How do you know if it's a crush?

You know when you seem to really like that person. You care a lot about your appearance whenever you're near them, and your face feels hot and sometimes you blush. You can't s (MORE)

How do you know it's love and not just a crush?

Answer . A crush is a superficial affection, but a love is something that leaves you totally attached to a person, so much so that you are vulnerable to anything that anyon (MORE)
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Is it wrong to have a crush on your friend's sister?

Answer . Hi. It's not wrong to have a crush on your friends sister, I had a crush on my friends brother and I am dating him now, you cant help who you like but if you two (MORE)

How can you attract attention to your crush after there was a very stupid and offenseve rumor?

you prove your rumor wrong and do everything you can to bring lots of positive attention to you from everyone around you not just your crush, but at the same time do everythin (MORE)

Help with not getting crushes so fast without really knowing the person just because their cute?

I had a REAL bad problem with this in Middle School... all you need to do is think of this guy as some thing you hate. Like, say you hate it when guys have too much hair gel i (MORE)

How do you know if you like a boy and its just not a crush?

Well, usually, that's up for you to decide =] Do you tend to hang out with him more than your other friends, or try to leave your other friends to be with him? Do you think ab (MORE)

You are in a crush how you know is she also in a crush with you and i am a little kid?

This is what we called " puppy love " when I was a kid , but it feels as real as anyone else's feelings. Talk to her. Tell her she looks pretty in a certain color. Ask her to (MORE)
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How do you know if you love someone or just have a crush on them?

You have to really think about it. Do you think of him/her as just hot or cute with a good personality? If you do, you probably just have a crush on them. If you are older, a (MORE)

How do you know when your crush is just zoning?

The category of 'friend-zone' in a good friendship is very typical. If you try to make moves on your crush, and he/she doesn't really seem comfortable it's a bad sign. At firs (MORE)

I've had a major crush on my old English teacher for ages i know it's just a crush and bla bla but I can't get over him I see him every week and we occasionally chat but I don't know what to do?

If you are under the age of 18, Leave it ALONE. you will destroy his reputation as a teacher and of course his career. and he will possibly end up in jail. Its not like the mo (MORE)