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How do you reset the phone lock on samsung?

If you have forgotten or do not have the phone lock code then the only way around it is to perform a master reset. A master reset changes the phone settings back to the manufa (MORE)
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I forgot my phone lock code for samsung gt-s5603t what can i do?

Put it under your car tires and run over it it is worthless the same happen to one of mine, Sam sung wants $70 to reset it well no thank you I can get an unlocked one of eBay (MORE)
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How do you reset phone lock for samsung sunburst?

I was looking for the solution to unlock A697 Sunburst password for months. Finally I found the software from unlockbehold site and it worked. They are good.
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What do you do if your ipod is locked and you forgot the code?

Try this: Connect your iPod to the first computer it was synced with or the computer set as the primary one in iTunes. Open the iTunes application, then disconnect your iPod (MORE)
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How do you unlock your lock when you forgot your code?

I will suggest you to the best way to reset your mobile..If it is nokia mobile means the default phone lock password of Nokia is 12345 or 00000 Hope it works if you have not (MORE)
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How do you reset the phone lock on samsung c3530?

In order to have the phone lock code reset, one must contact the customer services department of their network operator. The advisor will be able to perform this reset and sup (MORE)
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How can you reset the phone lock password of Samsung?

take it to best buy or some place like that and they'll give you a new samsung or you'll have to get your stuff again on your samsung because they restore it and you have to g (MORE)
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How do you reset sim lock Samsung c3510?

You can remove sim lock from your samsung c3510 by purchasing unlock codes from . you just have to submit your IMEI number,country and network to them...late (MORE)