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1998 vw jetta intermittent problem go to start car and nothing happens have power but car doesnt even attempt to start then other times starts right up?

Answer . I had the same problem on my 1995 acura integra. I changed the distributor cap and also changed the groundwire, It turns on perfectly now, so you might want to cha (MORE)
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For some reason the fan blower 89 camaro rs on the defrost and heater isn't working all of the time sometimes it does and other times it wont?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI had the same problem on my 91 RS 305. In the dash controls for the A/C,Heater,Defrost, there is a reistat. When I removed and disassembled it, one (MORE)
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What is the difference between some time and sometimes?

Answer . "Sometimes" refers to occasional occurences. "Sometimes, I have nightmares." "Some time" can refer to an uncertain amount of time, or an uncertain point the fu (MORE)
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Sometimes car starts but not all the time I changed the starter Fuel pump is good Battery is charged Why sometimes it starts and other times it doesn't?

sounds like the fuel pressure regulator, which is made into thefuel pump in the tank of most new cars and truck, or you could havedirt in the fuel line, first change the fuel (MORE)
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Have a 94 explorer car wont start some times in hot weather until sun moves and heat off front of car Had fuel pump replaced Now car still doesnt want to start-have to wait about half hour then maybe?

check the key that's in the ingnition sometimes there is a chip in your key that has electrical receptors on the side. If you know anyone with an early 90s camaro or late 90s (MORE)
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You are trying to help your best guy friend get over a girl thing he wants to but doesnt want to at the same time And you like him please shed some guidance on this for you should i go for it?

First just take him places with your friends and just go for making him happy and getting his mind off of that. Then when he's healed better tell him you want to make him as h (MORE)
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Why doesnt the water temperature go up after boiling for alomg time?

At 100 oC, liquid water turns into vapor water (steam). The temperature of the water can't go up, because it cannot stay a liquid at any higher temperature. All of the energy (MORE)
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When does an English springer spaniel first go in heat and what happens the first time?

There's no way to predict when a dog will have her first heat cycle. It can happen anytime from 6-8 months on average. The first sign of a female coming "Into Season" is of (MORE)