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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex and he came inside of you and then you started your period the very next day?

Answer . Yes it is possable some women have there periods all every month through out there pregnancey so if ur unsure get a test.. Answer . Missed periods do not start (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if you have been taking the pill a day too early each month and had unprotected sex and it is now time for the 7-day break and you have not started your period?

Answer . I don't understand how you took your pill a day early everyday. If you took your 21 pills everyday, not 2 a day.. then the probability of your being pregnant is s (MORE)
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You started your period on December 30 and then on January 12 your husband and you had unprotected sex and he got off inside you what are the chances you could be pregnant?

Answer . There is a good chance because you ovulate 10-14 days after your period, which is when the egg drops to be fertilized. You have about two weeks left to see if you (MORE)
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Had protected sex the 30 of March April 2-6 you had a period got back with the bf and have unprotected sex found out that im pregnant and due Jan 8th Is there anyway the march guy is the father?

Answer . If you know the date of your last period, that is helpful in telling. Probably it was around the 3 April, and you most likely ovulated approximately two weeks afte (MORE)
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Could i get pregnant i had unprotected sex but we only did it for like 1-2 mins and stopped cause we got scared i dont know if he pre came should I be worried im suppose to start my period here soon?

You could possibly be pregnant, because you don't need to have sex for a long time, all you need is a little sperm/cum to get pregnant. Don't worry yet just wait and see if yo (MORE)