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How do you get dressed with broken arm i have a cast on my right arm hand to arm pit. I can only move my fingers and cannot reach my back. need to dress professionally for work. suggestionstips?

first only wear comfy clothes like big tshirts OS sweat suites stuff like that ask a parent to help you or someone you know like a roommnate if you are in collage or universat (MORE)
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Why does your arm and shoulder hurt when you lift your arm?

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Why can you bend your arms?

When you bend your arm your brain send signals to your arm muscles telling the biceps , your upper arm muscles, to contract , go taut or stretch, while telling your triceps (MORE)
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What bends the arm?

contracting muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the arm.
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What can cause your arm to ache from your shoulder to your fingers?

Left arm could very easily be a heart attack, that was what I felt along with hot flash and a body tremor. Right arm could be a pinched nerve or strain. If it is your left arm (MORE)