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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex a month ago but took ECP pills afterward but your period is now late and your breasts are bigger but not sore or tender?

Answer . Hello.\n. \nECP can cause your period to be later. But I always advise if your period is over a month late then to do a pregnancy test. Yes you could be pregnant (MORE)
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If I had a tubal ligation 9 months ago and now my period is 9 days late pregnancy test is negative Is this normal?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nWhen I got my tubes tied my doc warned me about getting tubal pregnancies. You might want to check it out. It could just be the fact that you g (MORE)
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You are sixteen years old and you had protected sex about a month ago but this month your period did not come could you be pregnant?

Answer . yes you possobly could be pregnant . Answer . I doubt you are pregnant. When you have sex it tends to affect your period. It puts it off a little longer than (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if your period was late then only lasted two days and was light and brown. Aslo only came off the pill over a month ago.?

Answer . \nIt is possible. Most of the time it takes over a month for the pill to exit your system all together, but that usually depends on the amount of time you've been (MORE)
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You have pregnancy symptoms your period is 3 days late and you had a tubal ligation 1.5 years ago Negative Pregnancy test - Could you be pregnant?

It is a possibility. While tubal ligations are near 100% effective at preventing future conception, very rarely a pregnancy will occur (approximately 1.4% failure rate). Often (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if only the first of six pregnancy tests came out positive and you are 11 days late on your period?

If anyone is looking for the answer to this question, I thought that I would let them know that I got my period, so I guess I wasn't pregnant after all. Either I messed up the (MORE)
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Are you pregnant I had spotting for my period which was about a month ago i took a pregnancy test 2 days afterward but it was a negative Should I test again my next period is due today but nothing?

Not all home pregnancy tests are 100% accurate. They CAN give false negatives AND false positives. Wait a day or so before taking another test--your period just may be irregul (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if you had protected sex last month took i-pill to be safe got your period 4 days early but haven't got it this month as it is 3 days late?

It often takes a couple months for your body to become regular after using E mergency C ontraceptives. The first month (immediately following the I-Pill) menstruation is som (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if a pregnancy test came out negative but your period is 3 days late?

if your only 3days late than its too early for a at home pregnancy test to detect if your pregnant or not.Also not eating correctly or not eating enough can mess ur period up. (MORE)