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What is the routing number for the Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang Branch I need the number to be able to send a wire transfer to an account at the Zhejiang Branch?

Answer . I only have the swift code if this helps - ABOCCNBJ110. not really.. The code is different from different branches.. Here is the complete list:. Branch Name ( Full Answer )
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You will intend these places in china start from Shanghai so please advice your best way to move between them respectively and the method way Shanghai-Ningbo-Hangzhou-Zhejiang-Changzhou?

Hangzhou and Ningbo are cities of Zhejiang province, Changzhou is of Jiangsu province. Train travel is recommend. All these four cities are connected by railway. Route reco ( Full Answer )
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Is zhejiang medical university accredited in the US and if not how hard is it for a student graduating from Zhejiang medical school in China to pass the US boards and practice in the United States?

zhejiang is one of the best medical institute of the world,many americans study there,in the end it is up to you whether you can pass usmle or not,i live in pakistan,i persona ( Full Answer )