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What is the difference between pahoehoe and A'A?

+ Pahoehoe is basaltic lava forming smooth undulating(moving with a smooth wavelike motion) or ropy masses.It is contrasted to AA AA is basaltic lava forming very roug ( Full Answer )
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What is the average silica content of a'a lava?

A'a lava has a generally low silica content. Having low silica content means that it also has a low viscosity level. Having a low viscosity level means that it flows easily.
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Was mount st helen's lava a'a or pohoehoe?

Niether. The eruption of 1980 did not produce lava flows, it produced pumice and ash. Afterward it started building a dome of dacitic lava. Pahoehoe and a'a are basaltic lava, ( Full Answer )
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Would a'a form lava tubes or pahoehoe?

Lava tubes are characteristic of pahoehoe, as it can maintain asolid crust. With a'a the crust on the flows is constantlybreaking.