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What is an aardwolf?

It resembles the striped hyena, but is smaller and lacks the robust neck and jaws and large teeth. It has a mane along the back that it is able to hold erect. Its color is yel ( Full Answer )
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Where does an aardwolf live?

The aardwolf mainly lives in eastern and southern Africa. It livesin a burrow during the day and comes out to hunt at night.
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Where does the aardwolf live?

The aardwolf lives in Southern and Eastern Africa. Morespecifically, it lives in the scrublands of these areas, or landsout in the open that have stunted bushes and trees.
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What is an aardwolfs?

A digitigrage, carnivorous quadruped. They live in south africa , the proteless laladi. You could call it a wild dog.
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What does an Aardwolf look like?

An aardwolf is an animal found in Africa. It looks like a hyena,has stripes like a tiger, and has black, white, and brown fur.
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What is the scientific name for the aardwolf?

The aardwolf's scientific name is Proteles cristata. This means "earth wolf" in Afrikaans/Dutch. It is also called the "manhaar jackal" or the "protelid".
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Is an aardwolf an aardvark?

No, the two species are completely different. The aardwolf is a hyena-like Carnivore, aardvarks are primarily an ant-eating species that forms an order of its own, characteris ( Full Answer )
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What is the aArdwolf diet?

Aardwolves diet consits soley of termites. An adult aardwolf can eat around 200,000 termites in one night. The aardwolf is careful not to damage the termite mound or to eat an ( Full Answer )
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What are some adaptations of an Aardwolf?

well they use their mouth to eat their foodand they use their feet to walk. thoose are easy ones. . why do all need them ? . because to surive they need them.
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Is an aardwolf a vertebrate?

The aardwolf is a vertebrate. Like all mammals, it has a backbone and spinal column. Birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians are all vertebrates.
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What is the color of the African Aardwolf?

The Aardwolf is yellowish to light tan , with vertical black stripes and a bushy, black tipped tail. Its front legs are longer than the rear.
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In which country can one find an aardwolf?

The meaning of "aardwolf" is "earth wolf". Looking similar to a hyena, the aardwolf is a mammal which lives in East Africa and Southern Africa. They like to hide away during t ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in De aardwolf - 1985?

The cast of De aardwolf - 1985 includes: Marc De Chaffoy as Bankdirecteur Vic Moeremans as Willem Nellie Rosiers as Nora Sylvia Sabbe as Sylvia Dimitri Vaes Kathlene Van Bets ( Full Answer )
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Is a aardwolf a herbivore omnivore or carnivore?

The aardwolf is a small, insectivorous mammal. Insects are animalsso the aardwolf is generically a carnivore with an insectivorespecialization.