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What is a ABAB poem?

ABAB describes the rhyme scheme: the first and third lines rhyme, and the second and fourth lines rhyme. A:Flowers Blooming in May, B:Birds in the sky Flying; A:Oh This (MORE)

What is an ABAB poem called?

The A.B.A.B. rhyming scheme is found in quatrains, which are fourlined verses in poetry. There are several types of quatrains thatuse the A.B.A.B. scheme.
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Examples of abab poems?

There once was a big brown cat. A That liked to eat a lot of mice. B He got all round and fat. A Because they tasted so nice. B

Abab rhyme scheme?

I have this dog (a) Along with with ten others (b) and now I want a frog (a) but they don't have mothers (b)
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Could you give me a abab poem?

an apple falling out of my butt i saw a gap eat thoses apple and thoses butt in the map Kick those butts with the bots In the map there is dam Were those bots on the foot (MORE)

What is ABAB reversal design?

A-B-A-B Reversal Design refers to a type of singlecase experimental design in which a Baseline ofBehavior is first taken (A), followed by an Intervention phase (B), then a re (MORE)