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What could the abacus do?

The abacus is a mathemetical instrument used to calculate. It can do anything from addition ,maltiplicaiton, division, subtraction to calculating fractions. It is an ancient C (MORE)
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Who made abacus?

The abacus has been around for millennia, in various countries. No record of the inventor was made.
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Why was the abacus invented?

It is difficult to imagine counting without numbers, but there was a time when written numbers did not exist. The earliest counting device was the human hand and its finger (MORE)
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Who discover the abacus?

The are many different types of abucus. The Mesopotamian abacus is believed to be the eldest it is first mentioned in the period 2700-2300 BC
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What is an abacus?

An abacus is a counting device that uses beads on a table or stringthat represent numbers. The device is divided into columns, eachcolumn representing a multiple of 10 (x10, x (MORE)
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When was abacus discovered?

Roughly 9000 years ago when some guy out for a walk tripped over one and said "Ouch, I just discovered the abacus! Too bad I don't know what an abacus is or if it even has a u (MORE)
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What is all about the abacus?

Abacus is one of those devices that are constantly taught to the children for centuries and it seems that its importance may never end in this ever-changing world. Abacus has (MORE)
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Is an abacus a book?

No an abacus is definitely not a book. It is a piece of maths equipment a child might use to help with their counting, adding, subtracting, division and multiplication. Us (MORE)
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What can you do with abacus?

You can use an abacus to add and subtract quantities of beads by moving the them around. This can in turn help to solve equations involving counting numbers.
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What is an abacus where did the word abacus originate from?

An abacus is a counting board or an ancient version of a calculator. Its first recorded use is by the ancient Sumerians in about 2500 BC. From that time on it seemed that all (MORE)