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What is abalone?

Answer . Abalone is a type of shellfish, a gastropod mollusc. It is eaten and considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. In New Zealand it is known by the Maori wor ( Full Answer )
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What does Abalone taste like?

Abalone has a very mild flavour most analagous to squid. It performs similarly to squid going hard and rubbery if overcooked. I think it is a good base for other flavours such ( Full Answer )
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What is abalone steak?

An abalone steak is a steak made out of the California Red Abalone.The California Red Abalone is a species of very large edible seasnail.
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How does an abalone care for its young?

An abalone doesn't really care for it's young. They swim in schoolsuntil the fish are old enough to protect themselves and even thenthey still stick close together.
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How do you make abalone blank?

Try this site, an excerpt and the site: The abalone is a gem shell, multifaceted in color, with opal and pearl essence. It has a hardness value of 4, which is durable and no ( Full Answer )
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Where do abalone live?

It is usually found in the sea off rocky shorelines attached to the rocks with it's strong sucker-like 'foot'
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Where do abalone live in the world?

The haliotid family has a worldwide distribution, along the coastal waters of every continent, except the Atlantic coast of South America, the Caribbean, and the East Coast of ( Full Answer )
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Is paua the same as abalone?

\nYes, Paua Belongs to the Haliotidae family. One of over 130 species of Abalone found around the world.....though Paua is the most colourful of them all.
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How big is a abalone?

An Abalone is about the size of your hand but I think alittle bigger.. Hope this helps,. ☺Spongeyhead☺
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What is abalones?

A type of shellfish that used to be very common. Very shiny on the inside of the shell.
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What do abalones eat?

Abalones eat clam chowder. supplement. In New Zealand, the Paua, our local abalone with a green-blue shell, feed on algae and slimes on the rocks. They live mainly near th ( Full Answer )
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Are abalones endangered?

Maybe yes or maybe no,because now humans eat abalones for festivals and so on but luckily abalones are sold expensively, if you want to save the abalones you should eat less a ( Full Answer )
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What abalones eat?

It is a shell fish so it eats microscopic creaturs and sometimes fish that get stuck in them.
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What kind of food is abalone?

Abalone is a mollusc, class gastropoda. They're functionally very simple snails. The foot of the abalone is the msot commonly consumed part, although the liver and even the st ( Full Answer )
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What is the species of abalone?

Their are nine spiecies of abalone. Their's black abalone, flat abalone, green abalone, pink abalone, pinto abalone, red abalone, threaded abalone, western abelone, and white ( Full Answer )
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What eats abalones?

Many things eat abalone, such as seals, who pry them open to eat the fleshy insides. Some species of birds also eat them.
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What is the habitat of abalone?

Abalone are members of the snail family and attach themselves to rocks in the ocean around the coastline. (Genus Haliotis)
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How does the abalone survive?

Abalones are snails, which means that they draw sea water throughthemselves and absorb nutrients as it passes. For protection, each is equipped with a thick hard shell and ala ( Full Answer )
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How do abalone eat?

Abalone are univalves and use a tongue-like organ called a radulato scrape algae like Kelp or Dulse into their mouths. Because theyare not filter feeders and do not ingest fre ( Full Answer )
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What are abalone called in the channel islands?

Abalone is known in the Channel Islands as ormer (ôr ′ mər).. Being close to France, and despite being part of the UK, the Channel Islands' English is influenced ( Full Answer )
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How does a red abalone eat?

they eat by biting their prey which liquifies their prey's organs and innards. They then stick their stomach out of their bodies to injest the prey directly. They then drink t ( Full Answer )
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What is a abalone stone?

Abalone is a mollusc living in the ocean. It has a shell that is very colourfull a bit like the gem stone Opal. An "Abalone stone" is a piece of this shell that has been cut a ( Full Answer )
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What is an Abalone stone?

Abalone is a mollusc living in the ocean. It has a shell that is very colourfull a bit like the gem stone Opal. An "Abalone stone" is a piece of this shell that has been cut a ( Full Answer )
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What is illegal with abalone?

Abalone is a very valuable (high priced) shell fish, and was once on the brink of extinction due to over fishing. It is now illegal to collect abalone professionally without a ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get abalone?

you can find abalone in deep rockpools, abalones love to live deep down in the rock pools where they can be hidden amongst the other sea animals such as periwinkles or sea ane ( Full Answer )
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Are abalone hemophiliac?

Yes Abalone are Hemophiliac, if they are cut or punctured they will die. This is caused because they lack adequate clotting mechanisms to stop fluid loss if there membrane is ( Full Answer )
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What is the collective noun for abalone?

There is no standard collective noun for 'abalone'. However,collective nouns are an informal part of language, any noun thatsuits the context can function as a collective noun ( Full Answer )
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What is the correct pronunciation of abalone?

Depends on who is pronouncing it. Americans pronounce it ab-uh-loan-ee. In English it's pronounced ab-uh-loan.
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What animal kingdom is the abalone in?

The abalone is in the animal kingdom. Scientific Classification is as followed: Kingdom-Animalia Phylum-Mollusca Class- Gastropoda Family- Haliotidae Genus- Haliotis Specie ( Full Answer )
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Where does the word abalone originate?

mid 19th cent.: via Latin American Spanish from aulun, from anAmerican Indian language of Monterey Bay, California.
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What country did the word abalone come from?

It is an American English word derived from Spanish, in turn derived from the Californian Indian language 'aulan', although the origin is vague
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What is a sentence for abalone?

I love to keep the shells of abalone after I eat them with my favorite sauce.
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Are abalones used as a resource?

Abalone are bivalve shellfish. Their meat is eaten, but their value is in the inner lining of their shells, where the mother-of-pearl is especially bright with iridescent blue ( Full Answer )
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Is an abalone an animal?

Abalone is a common name for any of a group of small to very large edible sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Haliotidae. Other common names are ear shells, se ( Full Answer )