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Was perseus abanded?

No. The Greek mythical hero Perseus was not abandoned. He was actually thrown into a crate with his mother, Danae, and they floated to another city where a fisher married Dana (MORE)
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What do to if you find an abanded goose egg?

leave it ! geese some times leave the eggs for a few minutes to get water or food they are all ways very close by But if there is no sign of a goose and the egg is not in a ne (MORE)

Does the doe abanded her baby if a human touches it?

It could do but not necessarily ... Our doe had 7 babies about 5 or 6 weeks ago and as a complete novice I found one outside the nest on the floor and put it back. She didn't (MORE)

How do you get a title to a abanded vehicle?

Own a towing company and tow the car. Then contact the owner and tell them they owe a bunch of money unless they sign the car over to you. Just kidding !! If it's on your prop (MORE)