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Ive raised my daughter from birth now shes three iam not the biological father and her mother abanded her and her grandmother has gardianship how can you get to have her on weekends?

It is sad to say, but in most cases if you are not biologically related to the child and never went through the formal adoption process you have no legal rights to the child. (MORE)
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If a mother leaves a child with father and leaves for 5 days comes home for 2 is that abandment?

Yes I would consider that as abandment. My brother is going through the same thing. His baby mother left their daugher with him since the age of two and she is 6 right now. He (MORE)
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Was perseus abanded?

No. The Greek mythical hero Perseus was not abandoned. He was actually thrown into a crate with his mother, Danae, and they floated to another city where a fisher married Dana (MORE)
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What do to if you find an abanded goose egg?

leave it ! geese some times leave the eggs for a few minutes to get water or food they are all ways very close by But if there is no sign of a goose and the egg is not in a ne (MORE)
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Does the doe abanded her baby if a human touches it?

It could do but not necessarily ... Our doe had 7 babies about 5 or 6 weeks ago and as a complete novice I found one outside the nest on the floor and put it back. She didn't (MORE)
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How do you get a title to a abanded vehicle?

Own a towing company and tow the car. Then contact the owner and tell them they owe a bunch of money unless they sign the car over to you. Just kidding !! If it's on your prop (MORE)
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What is a sentence with abanded?

I think you might be thinking of abandoned , whichmeans left behind. The baby bird was abandoned by its parents.