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What is SAP ABAP?

ABAP is a programming language used for the customization development works in SAP ERP software,
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An Abap Program To find Factorial of number?

report zbharath. data:num type i value 5, fac type i value 0. perform fact using num changing fac. write:/ 'factorial of',num,'is',fac. form fact. using value(f-num) ty ( Full Answer )
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Abap Program To find Factorial of number?

DATA: output TYPE i.. PARAMETERS: p_num TYPE i.. START-OF-SELECTION. PERFORM factorial USING p_num CHANGING output. WRITE:/ output.. &-------------------------------- ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between abap and sap?

SAP is a Complete Enterprise Resource Planning Package where as ABAP is the programming language used by SAP to write the code inside the SAP system. ABAP is a programming l ( Full Answer )
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What is CS module in ABAP?

\nCS Stands for Customer Services. ABAP is a language, therefore has no modules. What you are referrring to is an ABAP consultant who has experience in SAP CS module.
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Why do we use set and get parameters in ABAP?

SET/GET Parameters or SPA/GPA parameters are the means through which you can make use of SAP memory to pass data between different main ( external ) sessions of a teminal ( ( Full Answer )
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What are cross application modules in sap abap?

cross application is used to transfer data from sap to sap or sap to non sap or non sap to sap. There are 5 modules in cross application in sap abap (IN SHORT "ABEIR"). 1. ( Full Answer )
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Free download of learning SAP abap in 21 days?

Really it is a good knowledgable book through which we can learn very easily the syntax and operational queries which performs some specific task SAP.
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Which one is best in sap abap and sap functional consultant?

Question is not clear. SAP ABAP deals with programming ( ABAP is a programming language used in SAP ) . SAP functional consultants deals with company functions like Material m ( Full Answer )
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Is it abap and abap objects are equal?

ABAP stands for Advanced business Application Programming which is a 4GL language used by SAP to work on the custom developments inside the SAP systems. ABAP Objects are an ( Full Answer )
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What is SAP-ABAP?

SAP ABAP stands for Advanced Business Programming Language, whichis developed by SAP, entire SAP ERP is built using ABAP. SAP has provided some tools(SE38, SE24, SE37 etc) whe ( Full Answer )
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Is SAP ABAP tough to learn?

SAP ABAP is just as tough as any other programming language. Logical flows are same as JAVA/C++ LOOP WHILE CASE statements are easy to grasp. Comparatively it is ( Full Answer )
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What is SD module in ABAP?

SD stands for Sales & Distribution. SD module deal with all the functionality of Sales & Distribution section of a company.
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What is lock object in sap abap?

The SAP lock concept is based on lock objects Before you can set an SAP lock in an ABAP program, you must first create a lock object in the ABAP Dictionary.When you create a l ( Full Answer )
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What is bapi in sap abap?

In SAP , BAPI is known as Business Application Programming Interface. It contains various standard function for API programming.
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Where can one find an ABAP tutorial?

An ABAP tutorial can be found at your local library usually through their test taking department or books can be found in their inventory of test taking materials.
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Where can one find SAP abap jobs in the UK?

There are several online sources where one can obtain information about SAP ABAP jobs in the United Kingdom. Indeed, CWJobs and Technojobs are websites which provide informati ( Full Answer )