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How would you use the word 'abase' in a sentence?

(The verb "to abase" means to lower in esteem, to degrade; to humble.) "A compromise should not require you to abase yourself or your principles." "The criminal convicti (MORE)
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Sentence with to abase?

Human being abase our environment by deforestation,polluting the atmosphere,etc...........
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Use the word abase in a sentence?

His words caused her abase. Abase means to belittle or degradesomeone else with the way you are behaving towards that person.
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What is abasement?

Abasement is the act or state of humility or being humbled.
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What is the prefix of abasement?

There is no prefix. It consists of the stem "abase", which can stand alone as a verb "to abase", and the suffix -ment. (Do not confuse this word meaning humiliation with the w (MORE)
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What is a sentence using abase?

To abase is to humble yourself or to reduce in rank. Here are some sentences. . You must abase yourself before the king and beg forgiveness. . I'm not going to abase mysel (MORE)
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What is a sentence for word abase?

Not really a verb we use very often and it's a transient verb used with an object, usually a person. Abase means to belittle or humiliate. Most people only use the noun, abase (MORE)
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Is the word abase a noun?

No, the word 'abase' is a verb (abase, abases, abasing,abased); to demean or belittle. The noun form of the verb to debase is debasement.
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What is an antonym for abasment?

meekness, timidity, self-abasement, self-abnegation, submissiveness, servility, obsequiousness, mortification, reserve, lowliness, demureness, unobtrusiveness, subservience, s (MORE)
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What is the meaning of 'abased' in the Bible?

The Greek word translated "abased" in the King James version, tapeinoo , means, " to make low, bring low ." Metaphorically, " to bring to a humble condition ."
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Is Na2So4 abasic solution?

This solution would be close to nuetral but slightly basic, due to there being 2 Na + moleucles and 1 SO4 -2
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What is a noun for abase?

The noun forms for the verb to abase are abasement and the gerund, abasing .
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What is an abaser?

An abaser is one who abases - who physically or emotionally lowers something or someone in value or prestige.