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What does abatement mean?

An abatement is an act of being made less, or removed entirely, as in "abate a nuisance. " It is also a heraldic term for a mark of dishonour on a coat of arms.
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What is a petition for abatement?

Answer . A Petition For Abatement is, depending on Circumstance is a Filing for a reduction or decrease in amount, degree, intensity or worth.
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What is the meaning of abate?

The verb "to abate" means to lessen, to reduce, to become less severe. Examples: The heavy downpour soon abated and became a lighter rain. The new bridge was designed to abat (MORE)
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Abatement in a sentence?

Abatement simply refers to the interruption in the amount or theintensity of something. An example in a sentence: "The lawsenforcing pollution abatement".
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Sentence for abate?

The warmer weather is sure to abate as the cold front comes though.
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Sentence with abate?

Abate means to remove or reduce a nuisance. A good sentence wouldbe, she was trying very hard to abate the smell of the skunk out ofher vehicle.
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What does abated mean?

Abate has various meanings, each depending on the context in which it is used. 1. To diminish in force or intensity 2. To deduct or omit 3. To bar or except 4. To put an end t (MORE)
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What is asbestos abatement?

Buildings were often built with materials that contained asbestos.Asbestos abatement is the removal of the asbestos, or othertreatment such as encapsulation, that will prevent (MORE)
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What is abated?

Abated means that something has become less invasive or intense, orthat something has been removed. For example, when an infectionstarts to get better, it has abated.
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What is a motion to abate?

A motion to abate works like a legal pause button. When issues arepending in other courts, a motion to abate suspends the proceedinguntil other questions are decided.
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What is lead abatement?

Lead abatement refers to the treatment and/or removal of building materials containing ingestible lead which were commonly used until the mid-1970s when they were banned in th (MORE)
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What is a rent abatement?

" Abated rent " means rent that you don't have to pay. Usually"abated rent" refers to the first few months of free rent commonlygiven to the new tenant as an inducement to mov (MORE)
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What is mas abating?

The act of making ones self ejaculate.
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What is an abat-vent?

An abat-vent is a series of strips of wood, often found on a belfry, which are used to let light and air in.
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What is an abat-voix?

An abat-voix is a device used for reflection of sound, used as a sounding board, for example over a pulpit.
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What is an abater?

An abater is someone or something abating something else.
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What is an abator?

An abator is a person who, without right, enters into a freehold upon the death of his or her predecessor.
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What abate means?

əˈbāt/. verb . verb: abate ; 3rd person present: abates ; past tense: abated ; past participle: abated ; gerund or present participle: abating . (of something p (MORE)