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What do you call a horse abattoir?

A slaughter house is what you call a horse abattoir. There is anincrease in the demand for horse meat abroad, and my pets, and evenrace horse end their short lives here as cas (MORE)
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Abattoir in a sentence?

This is a slaughterhouse. Here are some sentences. . The abattoir made me feel queasy. . My uncle works at an abattoir. . The scene of the massacre looked like an abattoi (MORE)
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What is the pronunciation of abattoir?

The pronuncation of the French word is (AH-bah-twah or AH-bah-twar), meaning a slaughterhouse (also used metaphorically for the scene of a massacre).
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What does 'abattoir' mean in French?

In both French and English, the word abattoir refers to a slaughterhouse where animals are taken and killed. This can include many different animals like cows, pigs or sheep.
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What is an abattoir?

An abattoir is a slaughterhouse, most often for sheep and cattle. It can also be used figuratively for somewhere that can be likened to a slaughterhouse.