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Do girls have abbs?

Yes i am a beast! I have a six pack!
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How do you get bottom abbs?

lower: leg leglifts upper: crunches.crunches are better that sit ups. sit ups also give you a hunched back. also dont eat stuff with a lot of fat in it.
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How do you get abbs in a day?

you really can't.... your body needs time... like do you grow in a day??? its the same as that. you may want to start a daily exercise or you can do cardio. it also speeds u (MORE)
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What is are abbs?

6 pack which is common slang for abdominal muscles or abbs
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What does ABB stand for?

ASEA Brown Boveri -ABB resulted from the 1988 merger of the corporations Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget (ASEA) from Sweden and Brown, Boveri & Cie from Switzerl (MORE)
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Which abbs are hottest?

first, u hold your legs in a crossing position. then put them up and down up and down and repeat this cycle. i have rock hard abbs and this works fanomonal. this only works if (MORE)
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What is the opposite of abbes?

There is no such word as abbes. . An ABBESS is a woman who is the head of some communities of nuns.. An ABBOTT is a man who is the head of an abbey of monks. . For more i (MORE)
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Who is owner of ABB?

The Wallenberg family through Investor AB
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How do you get abbs if your a kid?

well,you can't have abbs when your a can burst a system in your body and die.but,when your 16 you can.
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How do you build abb muscles?

you can build your abb muscles by doing sit ups and abb workouts also you can flex your abbs while you run or walk
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Can i get abbs if im 110 pounds?

Yes. But there's no point. U need to gain weight to look better. Eat train and eat. I was 150lbs but had abs but u just look skinny. All skinny people have abs. Just focus on (MORE)
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How can you get abbs?

the most official way to get abbs is to do sit ups.
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Where is St Abbs?

The south east coast of Scotland in Berwickshire
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What is an abb?

An abb is a type of yarn, or a filing pick used in weaving.