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What is an abbess?

An abbess is the female monastic equivalent of an abbott. An abbess runs an abbey.
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What is the opposite gender of abbess?

An abbess is a female head of an abbey of nuns. The title for amale holding this position is abbot, though an abbot would run amonastery for men instead of an abbey for nuns.
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How can a Nun become an Abbess?

A nun becomes an abbess by being elected by her fellow nuns. This is the same for monks as well.
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Language of origin of the word abbess?

The English word is from a French word, which is from a Latin word. English, in 1297, abbese ; from French abbesse ; from Latin abbatissa , the feminine form of abbas (MORE)
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How do you use abbess in a sentence?

An abbess is a woman in charge of a group of nuns, or an abbey. Anexample of a sentence using the word "abbess" is "The sisterslooked to their abbess for inspiration. "
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How do you use the word abbess in a sentence?

(An abbess is a female abbot, a nun with authority over an abbeyor other church community) The abbess was in charge of the convent and a church school. The young nun disagre (MORE)
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What do Jehovah witnesses mean by abbess?

1st, we don't have Nuns in any of our congregations. Now, to define the subject, Abbess: the female head, or superior, of an abbey. An abbey may be either a convent or mona (MORE)
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Who is referred to as a abbess to Jehovah witness?

Mabess guess is you mean Jehovah's Witnesses. However, an abbess is part of the Roman Catholic faith (an abbey for women). May I suggest that you purchase a basic english-lang (MORE)
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How do you spell Abbess?

That is the correct spelling of "abbess" (the female version of an abbot).
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When was Saint Bertha the Abbess canonized?

Saint Bertha of Avenay was declared a saint by the early Catholic Church, probably by a bishop, long before the canonization process was initiated, probably in the 7th or 8th (MORE)
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Was an abbess subject to a bishop in the middle ages?

In certain situations, yes, but an abbess was in most cases answerable directly to the Pope. Bishops were always men so they had the advantage of being considered more "imp (MORE)
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What is the identification of an abbot and an abbess?

An abbot is the man in charge of a monastery. An abbess is the female monastic equivalent of an abbott. An abbess runs an abbey. Both would commonly be of the Catholic faith (MORE)
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What is the masculine noun for abbess?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English usesgender specific nouns for male or female. The gender specific noun for a woman who is the head of an abbey of (MORE)
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What is the feminine form abbess?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female. The word abbess is a word for a woman who is the superior of a co (MORE)
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Is an Abbess by definition an Abbot who is a woman Can an Abbess be a man?

An Abbess is a woman, and an Abbot is a man, just like a Gander isa male goose, or a bull is a male beef cow, Abbess is the femaleform of the word Abbot, so of course an man c (MORE)
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What did abbesses eat and how?

The abbess of a convent on the whole ate the same food that thesisters ate, which was reasonably sober. Only when entertaining avisiting bishop or other important visitors she (MORE)