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What are Medieval abbots?

Abbots were the highest grade within the monastic system, answering directly to the Pope. In England Abbots were generally appointed by the king but with input from the monks (MORE)
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Do monks live in abbots?

No. Monks live in Abbeys and Abbots are the head of the Abbey.
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What disaster happened in Abbots-ford in Dunedin?

On the night of August 8, 1979, a major landslide occurred in Abbotsford, resulting in the destruction or relocation of some 70 houses, and requiring the evacuation of over 60 (MORE)
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Where did the abbots live in the middle ages?

An Abbot was the head of a larger monastery known as an Abbey (Priors were in charge of smaller monasteries known as Priories). In many monasteries the Abbot had his own pr (MORE)