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Who were Abbot and Costello?

Those guys were a riot - great comiedians! Check out this link to see/hear their (probably) most famous skit: "Who's on first?" Pay attention to the opening words and the word ( Full Answer )
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What is feminine of abbot?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. Englishuses gender specific nouns for male or female. . The noun for a male is abbot. The noun for a female is abbess .
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How do you use abbot in a sentence?

Born in Britain, he went to Brittany where he became abbot of a monastery he had founded. trip lang 2 ok anu b meaning ne2 by: !!("ics")!!
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Who is Abbot Probus?

In 600, Pope Gregory the Great commissioned the Ravennate AbbotProbus, who was before Gregory's emissary at the Lombard court, tobuild a hospital in Jerusalem to treat and car ( Full Answer )
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What are Medieval abbots?

Abbots were the highest grade within the monastic system, answering directly to the Pope. In England Abbots were generally appointed by the king but with input from the monks ( Full Answer )
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Who is an abbot?

He is the head of a monastery or convent. A female abbot is an abbess, she is the head and leader of a convent or monastery for nuns.
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What religion is an abbot?

An Abbot is the leader of a monastery in the Roman Catholic Church; usually in the Benedictine order but also in the Cisterian order, and Carthusian.
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Why did Germans bomb newton abbot?

There was a war going on, so when the Germans bombed Newton Abbot they tried to bomb the train station. When they succeed that stopped Newton Abbot receiving weapons, clothes, ( Full Answer )
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What is a French abbot?

An abbot, defined in the dictionary, means a man who is the head or superior, usually elected, of a monastery. So I am saying that a french abbot is the head of a french churc ( Full Answer )
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What does an abbot on an ambling pad mean?

A senior monk on a slow-stepping horse (or padnag). Couldmean an abbot (head of an abbey) (Preacher) on an ambling (amble-tomake a statement (pre amble)).Pad (Platform) maybe ( Full Answer )
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What has Saint Anthony Abbot done?

Anthony (also called St. Anthony of Egypt and St. Anthony Abbot) was born and raised in a Christian family at Como in Upper Egypt. He and his sister were orphaned when Anthony ( Full Answer )
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When was newton abbot bombed by the German's?

Newton Abbot From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Recent history The town was bombed twice in air raids during World War II, killing a total of 21. There was a sever ( Full Answer )
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What is the masculine of abbot?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English usesgender specific nouns for male or female. The noun for a male is abbot . The noun for a female is abbess.
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What are core competencies of Abbot?

There are 5 core competencies of Abbot: . adaptability . initiative . integrity . teamwork . innovation
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What is female of abbot?

The noun for a male is abbot. The noun for a female is abbess .
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Where is the abbot in dragon quest 9?

When he is missing from the Abbey, he can be found at the top of the Tower of Trades, just to the East of Alltrades Abbey. Once found, he will then appear in the abbey, just n ( Full Answer )
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Why was St. Anthony the Abbot canonized?

St. Anthony was declared a saint before the official canonization process was instituted in the 12th century. He would have been declared a saint to the bishop by those wh ( Full Answer )
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Why was abbot whiting brutally executed?

He was the last abbot of Glanstonbury. He refused to swear to Henry's act of supremacy in 1539 . During trial he was accused of theft from his church - few details are known. ( Full Answer )
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Is an abbot the same as a bishop?

No, an abbot is the monk who is the leader of a monastery while a bishop is the head of a diocese.
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Is the cross worn by the bishop or abbot?

The cross is worn by the bishop as it is the sign of religious might. He is the head of the church and deserves to wear the cross as he is the "king" of the church. Instead of ( Full Answer )
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Where did the abbots live in the middle ages?

An Abbot was the head of a larger monastery known as an Abbey (Priors were in charge of smaller monasteries known as Priories). In many monasteries the Abbot had his own pr ( Full Answer )
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What is the identification of an abbot and an abbess?

An abbot is the man in charge of a monastery. An abbess is the female monastic equivalent of an abbott. An abbess runs an abbey. Both would commonly be of the Catholic faith ( Full Answer )
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What was the job of abbot in Medieval Times?

The role of an abbot was to head an abbey, which was usually a large-size monastery with up to 150 monks. The Rule of St Benedict sets out the kind of man an abbot ought to be ( Full Answer )
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Is Tony Abbot a Freemason?

Unless the person specifically states that he is a member of the Freemasons, it is hard to know for sure. If it is someone you know, you should ask. If it is not, it is none o ( Full Answer )
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What role does an abbot play in the church?

In Christianity, an Abbot is the leading monk of an abbey or monastery. Abbeys and monasteries are communities of monks -- men who have dedicated their lives to God through th ( Full Answer )
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What does tony abbot do?

He is the Prime Minister of Australia at the moment, but hopefully not for long after he released the worst budget in human history.
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When did Abbot Low Moffat die?

Abbot Low Moffat died on April 17, 1996, in Hightstown, New Jersey, USA of cancer.
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What has the author John Abbot written?

John Abbot has written: 'Know all men by these presents, that we, John Abbot, gentleman, and Moses Thomas, housewright, both of Westford, in the county of Middlesex, and Com ( Full Answer )
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What has the author George Abbot written?

George Abbot has written: 'A treatise of the perpetuall visibilitie, and succession of the true church in all ages' -- subject(s): Apologetic works, Catholic Church, Church, ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Robert Abbot written?

Robert Abbot has written: 'The exaltation of the kingdome and priesthood of Christ' -- subject(s): Bible, Commentaries x, Early works to 1800, English Sermons, Sermons, Engl ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Abbot Kinney written?

Abbot Kinney has written: 'The conquest of death' -- subject(s): Sex instruction 'Eucalyptus' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus.
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What is the oposite of abbot?

The word abbot does not have an opposite. The word abbess, if thatis what you have in mind, is not an antonym of abbot.