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Who is Ernst Abbe?

He was the first optical engineer, and loved by most people for the introduction of the eight hour work day,
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What did Ernst Abbe do?

Ernst Abbe was a German mathematician, physicist, entrepreneur,astronomer, and social reformer. He discovered the optical formulanow called the "Abbe sine condition;" He was a (MORE)
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What does ABB stand for?

ASEA Brown Boveri -ABB resulted from the 1988 merger of the corporations Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget (ASEA) from Sweden and Brown, Boveri & Cie from Switzerl (MORE)
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Who is abbe buck?

she was a singer she sung jazz, vintage and all that.
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Who was Abbe warre?

He was a French beekeeper who wrote a book titled Beekeeping for All
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What is the opposite of abbes?

There is no such word as abbes. . An ABBESS is a woman who is the head of some communities of nuns.. An ABBOTT is a man who is the head of an abbey of monks. . For more i (MORE)
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Who is owner of ABB?

The Wallenberg family through Investor AB
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Who is abbe busoni?

Abbe Busoni is a character in novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. He is one of several of the Count's alter egos.
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How old is Abbe Lane?

Abbe Lane is 78 years old (birthdate: December 14, 1932).
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How do you build abb muscles?

you can build your abb muscles by doing sit ups and abb workouts also you can flex your abbs while you run or walk
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When did Robert Abbe die?

Robert Abbe died on March 7, 1928 at the age of 76.
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How old is Ernst Abbe?

Ernst Abbe was born on January 23, 1840 and died on January 14, 1905. Ernst Abbe would have been 64 years old at the time of death or 175 years old today.
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How old is Cleveland Abbe?

Cleveland Abbe was born on December 3, 1838 and died on October 28, 1916. Cleveland Abbe would have been 77 years old at the time of death or 176 years old today.
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What was Ernst Karl Abbe known for?

Ernst Karl Abbe was a German physicist known for defining the principle of numerical aperture. Ernst Karl Abbe was also an optometrist and entrepreneur.
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What is an abb?

An abb is a type of yarn, or a filing pick used in weaving.