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What is the general price to have a abdomen ultrasound?

Ultrasound Services . It is often a free service at most Pregnancy Resource Centers. Just Google "pregnancy, and your city" and you will most likely find a center that a ( Full Answer )
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Where does the doctor inject contrast into the abdomen for a Ct of the abdomen and pelvis?

C-T, or computed tomography, is a series of x-rays done in 3 dimensional 'slices' of the study area of the body, which allows for very specific detail of the imaged area. A C- ( Full Answer )
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What is an abdomen?

It is the area below your lungs from the diaphragm down to where the legs join. It contains the major internal body organs apart from the brain, lungs and heart.
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Where is your abdomen located?

Answer Your abdomen is located slightly under your rib cage, ending at the top of your pubic bone. when you work out your "abs" this is the area you are working out.
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Why is the abdomen vulnerable?

It contains organs (intestines, bladder, spleen) only protected by muscles, but not bones (whereas the rib cage protects the heart, lungs, and liver, for instance).
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Can you have a transplant For a Abdomen?

Entire abdomens are not currently transplanted (since there's lots of things in the abdomen, not all of which are essential). You can live quite happily without your speen, la ( Full Answer )
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How do you reduce abdomen fat?

Ways to burn abdomen fat . Exercise by doing crunches or sit-ups.. Do exercises that strengthen your core, such as yoga or pilates.. Eat healthier food..
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Pain on your lower left abdomen?

Left lower abdominal pain, also called left lower quadrant pain,can occur for a variety of different reasons. Left lower quadrantpain can be from something as simple as gas or ( Full Answer )
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Why does it hurt when I bend over in the abdomen?

Pain in the abdomen could mean that you are having intestinalproblems, such as constipation. You may also be experiencingmenstrual cramps.
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What is a cicadas abdomen?

The third part of a cicada's body that plays music (buzzing noise)with two drums (blood pumped)
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What are the regions of the abdomen?

nine regions: right hypochondriac, epigastric, left hypochondriac, left lumbar, umbilical, right lumbar, left inguinal, hypogastric, right inguinal . Abdomen is sectioned i ( Full Answer )
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What does your abdomen do?

Your abdomen is another name for your stomach, so it digests food with a strong acid. If the food the you eat is too strong for the acid, it gets stored in your appendix.
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Muscles of the abdomen?

i dont know i am the one asking the question *rectus abdominis *aponeurosis of internal oblique *transversus abdominis *aponeurosis of external oblique
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Why are gonads not in abdomen?

Well, actually, about half of us do have our gonads in our abdomens - we're called female. The male testes are located outside the abdomen because sperm do better at a te ( Full Answer )
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What are the layers of the abdomen?

1. skin 2. subcutaneous layer 3. camper's fascia 4. scarpa's fascia 5. external oblique muscle 6. internal oblique muscle 7. transversus abdominis muscle 8. transversalis fas ( Full Answer )
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What is an abdomen on a bug?

The abdominal area of an insect is the rearmost of the three body segments (head, thorax, and abdomen). This is the location for the major digestive and reproductive organs. T ( Full Answer )
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How does the Abdomen work?

The abdomen primarily is a storage unit that also serves as the first area that attacks and starts the process of breaking down food ingested, so the food can be transported d ( Full Answer )
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Does alcohol make the abdomen swell?

When the Liver has been damaged through excessive alcohol consumption it produces large ammounts of a fluid that looks like pink milk.It is this that gives alcoholics a swolle ( Full Answer )
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Where is Katrina Kaif abdomen?

Katrina kaif abdomen is located in the place where it should be. She is a very gorgeous actress. She loves wearing bikini and showing off her body.
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How do doctors put a pump in your abdomen?

They put it in by (cutting) doing surgery by the near stomach and sliding the pump through, only to get the medicine through the body.
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Is the pancreas located in the lower abdomen?

The pancreas lies right beside the stomach and helps regulate blood glucose levels through insulin, so after you eat a meal you can use/store the energy.
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What is ascites of abdomen?

Ascites of the abdomen is basically when fluid accumulates in your tummy. Symptoms include pain or discomfort in you tummy, shortness of breath and vomiting. In severe cases a ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of the grasshoppers abdomen?

An grasshoppers abdomen contains their digestive system and theirreproductive system. They break down food very similar to humansafter they eat.
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What kind of bee has an orange abdomen?

Well... there is a Digger Wasp that has a really orange abdomen. But there's more than one kind of bee that has an orange abdomen: . Honey Bee . Alkali Bee . Progressive ( Full Answer )
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Where is a spiders abdomen?

Spiders are chelicerates and therefore arthropods. [6] As arthropods they have: segmented bodies with jointed limbs, all covered in a cuticle made of chitin and proteins; hea ( Full Answer )
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What does the Abdomen in a crayfish do?

First, when it needs to get away, it tucks in the abdomen so it can swim away backwards, really really fast... Also, the abdomen can stir up the dirt so the predator can't see ( Full Answer )
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What is the bees abdomen for?

it is for the wings and legs to be, and to be a part of the body. The bee has three parts of it's body the abdomen thorax and the ''stinger. is that right?
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What does it mean when you have pain in your lower abdomen?

It might just be a stomach ache or it could be more serious. Here are some possible diseases listed below: . Gastroenteritis . Appendicitis . Diverticulosis . Gallstones . ( Full Answer )
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Is your abdomen your stomache?

no , your stomach is just a organ right under the breast area , the abdomen has many different organs
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What is known as abdomen?

The abdomen is the posterior region of the body trunk of animals. In vertebrates it contains the stomach and intestines and the organs of excretion and reproduction. It is par ( Full Answer )
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Where is your abdomen area?

Your "belly". It is known as the abdomen as your abdominal muscles are located there. I would say stomach but the stomach is actually up and to the left of the abdominal area. ( Full Answer )
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What is the gland of the abdomen?

Glands located in the abdomen include cardiac glands, fundic glands, and pyloric glands. There are different types of cells that are found at different layers in each of these ( Full Answer )
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Where is the abdomen in humans?

It is what a person would call a "belly" and is right below the chest. The "belly button" (umbilicus) is in the middle of the abdomen.