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Where are your abdominals located?

The abdominals are 6 muscles located in your stomach area, and are used to help give support to your upper body
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What do abdominals do?

The abdominals help to protect the organs in the abdominal cavity.This includes the stomach, spleen, intestines, liver, andgallbladder.
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What is the abdominal cavity?

Located just below the ribs, it is where the stomach, liver, spleen, pancrease, intestines and other digestive organs are located.
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What do the abdominals do?

The abdominal muscles are the muscles over your stomach. Apart fromkeeping your intestines from flopping around, they cooperate withyour spine and your back muscles to keep yo (MORE)
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How do you work the abdominals?

If your looking for strength in your abs like i have i do 800 crunches, 100 pushups, (upper body) and 100 oblique crunches (moving side to side). DO NOT START AT WHAT I STARTE (MORE)
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Abdominal exercises after abdominal surgery?

Here are some abdominal exercises that can be done after abdominalsurgery. Crunches, oblique twists, reverse crunches andpushup/twists are good exercises to do after abdominal (MORE)
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Why do you have abdominal pain?

It may be something with your appendix. You should see a doctor, if the next morning or some time later in the day it hurts so bad you can't move.
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What is abdominal rigidity?

Abdominal rigidity is when the muscles in your stomach stiffen up.It is an involuntary movement to prevent pain in the abdomen whenthere is pressure.
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What is abdominal ptosis?

Abdominal ptosis is drooping of the abdomen, as might happen with obesity or post-pregnancy.
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What does a abdominal do?

A large group of muscles in the front of the abdomen that assists in the regular breathing movement and supports the muscles of the spine while lifting and keeping abdominal o (MORE)
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What is an abdominal seizure?

Abdominal seizures occur in your gastrointestinal system, with symptoms surfacing on a regular basis. Such symptoms can interfere with everyday life. Abdominal seizures are ch (MORE)
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Where the abdominal aorta is?

It is a very large artery extending down the middle of your torso to your umbilical (belly-button) region.
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What is an abdominal washout?

An abdominal washout is a complete sweep or clean of the stomach orcolon. This procedure would typically be carried out when a patientis having surgery on their stomach or bow (MORE)
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How can you reduce your abdomin?

daily drink 3-4 glasses of water before brushing and wile brushing you will be vomantings and then after that don't eat or drink any thing up to 45 minutes then clausal you ca (MORE)
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What is your abdominal area?

When people say abs, that's short for abdominal area. These are your muscles in the stomach area
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What is abdominal ultrasound?

uses high frequency sound waves to produce two-dimensional images of the body's soft tissues, which are used for a variety of clinical applications, including diagnosis and gu (MORE)
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What do you do if you have abdominal pains?

Whether the pain in the abdomen is mild, moderate or severe, thebest answer is go to the doctor asap. Generally, there areconditions in which the abdominal pain can be a sig (MORE)
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What is an abdominal quadrant?

There are four abdominal quadrants in the human body. The quadrant is a section of the abdomen that houses certain organs.
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What is an abdominal ultrasound?

Because ultrasound can distinguish subtle variations between soft, fluid-filled tissues, it is particularly useful in providing diagnostic images of the abdomen.
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What is intra abdominal?

Any thing inside the abdominal cavity is intra-abdominal. The food and water you take is not intra-abdominal. That is extra-abdominal. So any thing inside the lumen of your ga (MORE)
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What is abdominal guarding?

Abdominal guarding is the involuntary contraction of the abdominal muscles in response to an examiner palpating the abdomen. It's a common response to abdominal tenderness.
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What does abdominal mean?

Your abdomen is the area below your ribs, so if you had an abdominal pain you would have a tummy ache.