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Use a sentence with the word abducent?

An example of a sentence that uses the word abducent is "The eyemuscles have abducent away from the nerves." Abducent is defined asa muscle drawing away from another part of t ( Full Answer )
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Are abduce and juan homozygous?

Yes, both abduce and juan are homozygous. They are of the samemolarity and concentration. So they are both homozygous.
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What is a sentence using the word abduce?

Abduce is a medical term meaning to move a limb away from the center of the body. You wouldn't hear it used except in a highly scientific conversation.. Now, abduce your arm ( Full Answer )
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What is an abducent?

An abducent is a part of the body which draws away from its main point - the lateral rectus muscle of the eye.