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What is abduction?

In physiology, any motion that moves away from the centerline ofthe body is abduction. If, for example, you are sitting down andseparate your knees, that is abduction. If you ( Full Answer )
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How do you get abducted by aliens?

Stand outside late at night, and wave your arms around to get their attention. If they think you'll be a good specimen, they'll prolly pick u up.
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Why was Helen abducted?

trojans wanted her Answer 2: . During the beauty contest bewtween three of the goddesses Aphrodite promised prince Paris of Troy, the judge, that he could have the world's mo ( Full Answer )
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Scapular plane abduction?

The normal resting position of scapular as it lies on the posterior rib cage is at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. Raising the arm 30 to 45 degrees from the coronal plane is cal ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of abduction?

Jumping jacks or making snow angels is an example of abduction. When you jump to make an "X" with your arms and legs, the limbs are abducted. Abduct means to take away. So one ( Full Answer )
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What adduction and abduction?

the moving and taking away from your body. i.e. adduction is moving your arm towards your body again and abduction is when you move your arm away from you
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What does abducted mean?

Abducted is a verb meaning to remove or take away something orsomeone by force. An example would be kidnapping.To kidnap. Carryoff by force. Another definition is to repositio ( Full Answer )

What are alien abductions?

When an alien kidnaps you and uses an orb from their space ship to capture you.
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How can you be abducted by aliens?

Aliens are not known and proven to even exist, let alone be here and kidnapping people. Do you want to be abducted by aliens? Only in your dreams. ====== In order for ( Full Answer )
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Who has been abducted?

It depends on what you believe. One of the earliest accounts of alien abduction was Betty and Barney Hill in the 1950s. Driving home late one night they saw a very bright ligh ( Full Answer )
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What is Abduction in the sentence?

The abduction of this person proved fruitless, his family won't pay a dime in ransom.
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What do you do if an alien abducts you?

Try and remain calm. Any one with the science to travel all those light years probably does not wish to kill for the heck of it. They may be curious and wish to learn how to c ( Full Answer )
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Are There Alien Abductions?

Yes, there are. To get your sim abducted, have him or her use the telescope at night for several hours. This works in some neighborhoods better than others. For example, it ( Full Answer )
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Are child abduction increasing or decreasing?

The total number of child abductions per year remains relatively stable by FBI reports. While there may be a slight increase in the number of family related abductions, the nu ( Full Answer )
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How much jail time do you get for abduction?

It depends on who u abducted if you abduct the Prez ur gunna get shot, if u abduct a hobo on the street u will probably just get warned and laughed at. Courtisy of Austin Lewi ( Full Answer )
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Abduction of African slaves?

well usually white men would sail to the island and try to get the chief of the tribe to help capture them or some of the tribal members to help them or they would do it alone ( Full Answer )
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Can you get abducted on the sims life stories?

Yes you can! Have a telescope already bought and type in this cheat code: Access box: Ctrl shift c . Okay type in boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true. The Hold down shift and c ( Full Answer )
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How do you get abducted on The Sims?

You have to look through the telescope at night. I'm not sure but I think the better the telescope, the better chance you have of seeing aliens. Also, if you just want to see ( Full Answer )
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How many kids were abducted in 2010?

too many to be counted, this is the top of the iceberg, because we only know about the ones you hear about through the news.
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Was there an airplane that was abducted by a UFO?

Yes I hate to say it but there are some twisted Aliens called they grey that crawl around our moon on the dark side they love abductions.
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Why do UFOs abduct people?

becuuase they want to know more about the human race rember we are aliens to them as well are they to us
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What is Abduction rated and why?

The movie Abduction is not not yet rated. It is coming out on September 23 2011. . It is rated PG 13 because of some sexual content bad language teen partying and violence ( Full Answer )
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Who was abducted by the symbionese liberation army?

Although many people were abducted by the SLA, the most famous abduction was Patricia Hearst, who was abducted in 1974. She was abducted by the SLA because she was the grandda ( Full Answer )

Where has alien abduction occur?

If you watch the movie"the 4th kind" it show video footage of alien abductions centered in Nome, Alaska....Many people say Alaska is the main place it occurs.
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Was Natalee Holloway abducted by aliens?

Of course not, Aliens do not exist. (Unless you count Illegal Aliens, which are people who illegally cross a country's border.)
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What is the movie abduction about?

The movies is about taylor lautner finding out that his picture is on a lost childs page, and that everyone is out to get him, and he can not trust anyone.
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What is the noun for abduct?

The noun forms of the verb to abduct are abductor , abduction , and the gerund, abducting .
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What is demonstrate abduction?

Demonstrate is a verb, not a noun. Abduction, in functional anatomy, is a movement which draws a limb away from the median sagittal plane of the body. You would demonstrate ( Full Answer )
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How do you be abducted be an alien?

well you can ive got a scar to prove it because i woke up with it. it was a scary experience. first i was abducted. then they tied me up to a metal table. they took a sample o ( Full Answer )
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What is the adjective for abduct?

For the verb to abduct , the past participle, abducted , can be used as an adjective. The adjective abductive (reasoning) is used for the logicalprocess called abduction , ( Full Answer )