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What exactly does a hip abductor do?

not much. not my best machine. infact my worst. donly tones the outside of the thighs giving a more harder thigh. but that's depends on the bodyfat around the thighs. try wide (MORE)
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Where are your abductors?

Abduction is a type of motion at a joint caused by muscle contraction. Inorder to answer you question you need to specify which part of the body you are refering to.. Hip = T (MORE)
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What is an abductor?

An abductor is either one who abducts or kidnaps another, or amuscle which draws out from a central point.
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What is abductor muscle?

Abductor muscles are the muscles which cause abduction. prime example being lateral head of the shoulder abducts your arms to the side of your body. similarly you have the mus (MORE)
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What is abductor magnus?

The abductor magnus does not exist. It is likely a mistake referring to the aDDuctor magnus.
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What is the function of abductors?

If you're referring to the reasons why people abduct a certainindividual, it may be because of: a.) Monetary purposes (the usual) b.) To get even with the person he/she hates (MORE)
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How do you use the word abductore in a sentence?

It's spelled abductor and means either someone whokidnaps someone else, or a muscle whose movement takes a body partaway from the midline. The tricep is an abductor muscle. (MORE)
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What muscles are abductors?

Abduction is an anatomical term of motion referring to a movement which draws a structure out to the side of the body's midline. Arm at shoulder (raising arm) Supraspinatus (MORE)