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Who is Paula Abdul?

She is a judge on American Idol, but she is also a artist/ singer from the 80's, and 90's era. You can check out some of her music on itunes. Her strongest talent is DANCE. Wh ( Full Answer )
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Paula Abdul had a?

B. If a concert you mean, she only had a few after her first album.
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What is this word Abdul?

It is the name given to a Servant of the Gay god. That is why most of them join the terrorist forces.
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Was Paula Abdul a french singer?

No she was a English singer and she was a pop singer! and she is now makeing jewery
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Who is Abdul Halim?

Abdul Halim is the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (supreme head of state) ofMalaysia since 2011 to present.
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What has the author Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman written?

Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman. has written: 'The maritime sector and the Malaysian economy' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Fisheries, Economic conditions, Fi ( Full Answer )