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Is it aberrated to ask someone out online?

Answer . The general manner is to call the person and ask them on line, but times have changed and the teens today seem to live off the Internet so I can't see where there (MORE)
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Can you use aberrant in a sentence?

Answer . Yes you can, as in aberrant behavior. . Answer . "Walking down the street with your private parts exposed is an example of aberrant behavior."
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How do you use the word aberration in a sentence?

(The word aberration is a noun, a word for something differentthan what is usual, normal, or expected.) Examples: An extra finger or toe is an unusual aberration. His outbur (MORE)
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Aberration used in a sentence?

In a moment of mental aberration , she agreed to go with him. The aberration of the telescope lens could not be corrected.
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How can you use the word aberrant in a sentence?

the dog's sudden aberrant eating patterns alerted its owner to a possible health problem. Given the aberrant nature of data, we came to doubt the validity of the entire ex (MORE)
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Can chromatic aberration occur in a mirror?

Chromatic aberration does not occur in a mirror because chromatic aberration is caused by the different colors of a light being bent different amounts. Mirrors do not care abo (MORE)
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What is Chromatic aberration?

the variation of either the focal length or the magnification of a lens system with different wavelengths of light, characterized by prismatic coloring at the edges of the o (MORE)
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Is your lens corrected for chromatic aberrations?

not totally, chromatic aberrations can be minimized by the use of filers (usually blue); or by lenses corrrected red, blue, and other wavelengths, called apochromatic lenses. (MORE)
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What is cell aberration?

It is and effect on a cell negatively. it can be multinuclearity, membrane blebbing, vacuolization, giantism and cellular distortion
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What aberrant behaviors did Charles Manson have?

Charles Manson has been diagnosed as having APD (anti-social personality disorder) with possible psychotic episodes and paranoia. He is extremely manipulative, violent, cruel, (MORE)
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What is a sentence using the word aberration?

Snowfall in the month of May was certainly an aberration in thelocal weather. An aberration in its mirror almost ruined the space telescope. Tommy knew that the lie, though (MORE)
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What does aberrant mean?

\n. \nAberrant means Deviating from what is normal.\n. \n. \n"Walking down the street with your private parts exposed is an example of aberrant behavior."
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What is chromatic aberrations?

The distortion of light through a camera lens, seen to greatest effect in the parts of the image with the greatest amount of contrast.
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What is an chromosome aberration?

Genetic aberrations of the DNA copy number level, such as deletions, amplifications and unbalanced translocations are termed as chromosome aberration.
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What is the aberration of BOSS?

Boss Corporation, manufacturer of effects pedals for electric guitar and bass guitar . Bharat Operating System Solutions, GNU/Linux distribution developed by NRCFOSS/C-DAC, I (MORE)
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What is an alternate word for aberration?

Abnormality? Seriously, there are good resources in existence for such things. Like a Thesaurus. Here's a list from aberrance, aberrancy, abet, abnormal (MORE)
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What are autosomal aberrations?

Chromosomes can be divided into autosomes and sex chromosomes. The sex chromosomes (eg X and Y in humans) carry genes concerned with sex determination. The remaining chromosom (MORE)
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What is a sentence using the word aberrations?

Aberrations in seasonal rainfall can cause crops to fail. The camera lens was unusable because the glass contained aberrations. The mother assured the principal that her (MORE)
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What are some of the characteristic of chromatic aberration?

As different wavelengths of light are refracted slightly differently through a lens, a prismatic effect, or "rainbow" occurs around each point-source of light, usually worst a (MORE)
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What are the causes of chromosomal aberration?

Chromosomal abnormalities can result from either a variation in the chromosome number or from structural changes. These events may occur spontaneously or can be induced by env (MORE)
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What dose aberration mean?

A departure from the normal or usual actions. A temporary or minor mental unbalance. In optics - A distortion in the lens.
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Why is chromatic aberration a problem for astronomers?

Chromatic aberration in a lens is caused by the speed of light varying within the material, with wavelength. A result of this is that the different wavelengths of light will n (MORE)
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What is a chromatic aberration?

A distortion of an image through a telescope when not allwavelengths of colours are refracted at the same angle, resultingin the light converging at different points.
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What is the film Aberration about?

The film Aberration set in the United States but filmed in New Zeland follows the story of a woman who moves into her old childhood cabin in the woods only to discover that th (MORE)
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What is a synonym for aberrations?

There are many synonyms for aberrations. They include anomaly, flaw, freakishness, prodigy, quirkiness, singularity, spreading, unbalanced, and unconventional.
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What is an aberrance?

An aberrance is a deviation from the right path, either in a geometrical or moral sense.
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What is an aberrancy?

An aberrancy is a deviation from the right path, either in a geometrical or moral sense.