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Used abhorence in a sentence?

Abhorrence - a feeling of great dislike. The majority of parents have abhorrence of child pornography.
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What does abhorent mean?

Actually spelled abhorrent meaning Adjective: Inspiring disgust and loathing; repugnant. Synonyms: loathsome - odious - detestable - abominable - loathful
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Dont you think its the most abhorred putrid and detestable situation on earth that the Catholic Church would rather keep their money in a vault instead of giving it to people that dont have any?

It may be true that the Catholic Church appears to be wealthy. They have their own bank within the Vatican City which collapsed during the 1970s due to improper practices. The (MORE)
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Use abhors in a sentence?

"The problem with Establishment Republicans is they abhor the unseemliness of a political brawl" (Patrick J. Buchanan).
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How do you make sentence with word abhors?

Abhors is a verb to describe someone's opinion about something. In this case, abhors is hates. For example: She abhors kittens.