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How do you use abide in a sentence?

Abide means to wait for or obey or dwell or put up with.. For example, it is important to abide by state laws, otherwise you may find yourself in jail.. You must abide by th ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for abiding?

A good example would be: "Behind every pain, behind every shame, that certainty must have rested as an abiding strength ( Sermons , Philip Brooks, 205)."
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What is the meaning of abide with?

Abide with- to put up with or tolerate Though Maria was disgusted with her husbands eating habits, she was forced to abide with him, for she loved him too much to move out, ( Full Answer )
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What is law abiding?

'Law abiding' is when someone obeys the laws. For example, "Jenny is a very law abiding citizen. She always sticks to the speed limit and has never been to jail"
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Make sentence with abide by or with?

He always tells his teenaged kids, "As long as you live under my roof, you'll abide by my rules.. Deciding that she could not abide by the rules of the church, she is now ( Full Answer )
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Do women have to abide by jordinian customs?

No, When Christ came, he didn't do away with the law/laws but he elevated women to the stature of a man in honor. Before this, women were and in many countries of the world to ( Full Answer )
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How do you put abiding in a sentence?

While you were busy abiding by your parents' silly rules, I dropped out of school and have been experiencing the wild side of life.
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Use abide as a verb in a sentence?

One example of using abide as a verb is "You need to abide by the rules." Anything like this should also work. Happy hunting, Inky
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Does God have to abide by any rules?

God is the Supreme Law Giver, his throne established on righteousness and judgment. The laws he has bestowed upon all his creation, are by Him and for Him. As Creator, he has ( Full Answer )
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What does abides one time mean?

The expression is " Biding your time ." and means reserving judgment or waiting to take action or see further developments.
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What is a sentence for the word abiding?

It means lasting for a long time. Here are some sentences. . I have built an abiding home. . She has an abiding love of music. . He has an abiding belief in God.
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What does it means to abide in God's words?

"To abide in Gods words" means to take the scriptures (the Bible) into your heart through study, prayer, conversation and meditation. Having God's words inside you allows a pe ( Full Answer )
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Why do you need to abide by the copyright law?

The easy answer is, it's the law. There are fines and other punishments for infringers. But a more meaningful answer is that the artists you love are making their living fr ( Full Answer )
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How can you use the word abiding in a sentence?

As the police force began to close in on the house, the abiding convict quietly stepped out and allowed the police to arrest him.
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When was Law Abiding Citizen filmed?

According some page I found on the internet the filming began in Detroit, 18th of August, 2008 ;-)
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What is the noun of abide by?

The word 'abide' is a verb: abide, abides, abiding, abode, abided. The word 'by' is an adverb when not followed by a noun phrase, or a preposition when followed by a noun phr ( Full Answer )
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Will there be a law abiding citizen 2?

Not likely as Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) dies at the end of the movie I really don't think so. It doesn't seem like the squeal type of movie. There should be another mo ( Full Answer )
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How many times is abide in the Bible?

The word "abide" is in the King James Version of the Bible 82 times. It is in 77 verses. Please see the related link below. The word "abide" appears 77 times in the KJV bible. ( Full Answer )
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What is the German word for abide?

abide: aushalten ausstehen ertragen weilen (archaic) abide by: befolgen einhalten festhalten an fest bleiben bei sich halten an
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What is the opposite of abide?

The opposite of abide (tolerate) would be to "not abide" which might be expressed as oppose, resist, dispute, or shun. The opposite of abide (temporarily stop) would be to ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to abide by rules?

Rules are usually in place in order to keep yourself and others safe. So generally, yes, you should follow the rules. However, rules can sometimes be unfair or discriminatory, ( Full Answer )
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Who is sifu abid mahmoods teacher?

Sifu Abid Mahmood is known to have studied primarily under the tutelage of renowned Master James Sinclair of United Kingdom Wing Chun Kung Fu Association
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What is the definition of the word abiding?

The definition of the word abiding is to continue on with something or someone, or to stay with someone or something. Abiding is used as a verb. Abiding can also mean to toler ( Full Answer )
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What happens during The Dude Abides?

When "The Dude" in The Big Lebowski says the famous line "the dude abides" he just means that he will endure, he lives on almost as if it was a state of being.
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Who must abide by CLIA regulations?

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulations are followed by CMS government officials. CMS deals with medicare and medicaid services.
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What is an abid?

An abid is one who abides by something or someone else, most often a servant, slave, or worshipper.
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What is abidance?

Abidance is the act of abiding - either in the sense of continually dwelling in one place, or of adhering or complying to something or someone else.
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What is an abider?

An abider is someone who abides by someone or something else, or one who is a resident in a particular place.
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Meaning of abide?

The meaning of abide is to act in accordance to or accept adecision or a rule. The informal meaning of abide is to be unableto tolerate something.
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What has the author Abid Hussain written?

Abid Hussain has written: 'Fourth S.L. Kirloskar memorial lecture' -- subject(s): Relations 'Vision of a good society' -- subject(s): Social conditions
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What has the author S A Abid written?

S. A. Abid has written: 'Manual of trade marks, patents, designs & merchandise marks, act with rules, containing the Trade Marks Act, 1940 ..' -- subject(s): Patent laws and ( Full Answer )