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What does abi mean?

What does abi mean when used in spoken Nigerian language? The word "abi", "shebi"and "shee" are used often in the South Western and other southern states in Nigeria. It (MORE)
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What is the Unix ABI?

First of all ABI stands for A pplication B inary I nterface this describes: . data type size and alignment; . how parameters to function should be passed; . how retur (MORE)
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Who is abi Jones?

a girl from beach babes. u should buy their new single 'Hot and Cold'. It rocks!!!
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What is abi test?

The Ankle-brachial index (ABI) tests the blood pressure difference between your arms and your legs. It is used to find out if you have peripheral vascular disease. This dis (MORE)
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Who is abi miller?

she is an amazing dancer and a brilliant actress and shes taking me to the oscars
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How old is Abi Titmuss?

Abi Titmuss is 35 years old (birthdate: February 8, 1976).
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What is ABI studies?

ABI = ankle/ brachial index. It is a screen for vascular disease. The blood pressure is measured at the ankle and the arm (brachial artery) and the ratio calculated. Normal (MORE)
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What is the Latin 'Abies Alba' in English?

'White fir" is a literal English equivalent of " Abies alba ." But that doesn't tend to be the most popular form of a common name for this European native tree. Instead, t (MORE)
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Is abi a bellend?

yes like actually she is an actual and total bellend and its funny because she's abi.
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Who is aby philipson?

she is a crazy fun loving gurl who loves louis from one direction
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What scrabble words end in aby?

3-letter words aby 4-letter words baby, gaby 7-letter words crybaby, hushaby, lullaby, mangaby, rockaby, sassaby, wallaby 9-letter words grandbaby 11 (MORE)
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What did Ali ibn Abi Talib do?

Hazrat Ali (RAU) was one of the most distinguished, most loved, most respected and most honored Companions of the holy Prophet (SAW). The youngest and most loved daughter of t (MORE)
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Where in Lincolnshire is the village of Aby located?

The village of Aby is located in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England. It is approximately thirty-two miles east of Lincoln and eleven miles south of Louth.
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Iban for abi?

The International Bank Account Number or IBAN for an ABI code canbe found at the specific institution. These two codes areidentifiers for the different banks and accounts.