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Is there a way of measuring creative ability such as a test on a scale of 1-100 to see how good or bad your skill is?

Testing for Creative Abilities . The only way to measure your creative ability is to develop it by exploration. There is no way of knowing how far it can span. Test yoursel ( Full Answer )
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Is there a way of measuring design ability such as a test on a scale of 1-100 to see how good or bad your skill is?

MEASUMENT OF DESIGN ABILTY. Measurement of design abilty is not a simple task. You need to employ many kinds of ability tests together. The design ability may be measured mak ( Full Answer )
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What is ability?

Being able to or having the capacity/power to do something (well); it can be mental or physicalcl. Cleverness, intelligence or talent of something.
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How do you test mathematical ability?

Please! Don't test me on this! I'm a real dummy at math of any sort! I expect, though, that there are various tests which would determine ones ability in that field. I'd "Goog ( Full Answer )
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Are standardized tests good measures of academic ability or progress?

standardised tests only provide part of the whole picture. They aren't really designed to be 'it' in terms of what a student can do. Although they do give a good indication as ( Full Answer )
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In the use-dilution test a chemical is evaluated by its ability to kill 106 and 108 dried clostridium sporongenes or bacillus subtilis endospores. why is this considered a stringent test?

Chemicals do not readily penetrate bacterial endospores. Thenumber of endospores used is higher than would be expected innormal use of disinfectant. It uses a measure of deter ( Full Answer )
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What does Otis-Lennon school ability test measure?

Is a test of abstract thinking and reasoning ability of children pre-K to 18. The Otis-Lennon is a group-administered (except preschool), multiple choice, taken with pencil an ( Full Answer )
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Examination does not test the true ability of a student?

according to me examination never will be a true evaluation of the ability of a student because it is not posible that god would have given every one same abilities
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Can Wechsler intelligence test be used to test parents on their abilities to look after their children and how do they come to the conclusion that your parenting skills pass this test?

Yes, this test along with a psychiatric tests was administered to me concerning my capacity to parent my 13 year old, who is currently is foster care. On January 7,2008, my pa ( Full Answer )
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When to use ability and abilities?

You use ability when referring to one particular skill/capacity that a person or thing has, e.g. he has the ability to do well; the robot has the ability do climb stairs. You ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to score a 165 on the Scientology Novis Mental Ability test?

Only if you get the top score and add 10 to it. No valid IQ test can be given in 30 minutes, so I would be very suspect. The highest score on the so called "Novis Mental Ab ( Full Answer )
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How do you get abilities?

The answer is simple, if you want an ability, you can be born with one from your mother, father, or anybody else in your family, or, you can practice an ability, for example, ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of achievement and ability tests?

Patients who have experienced a traumatic brain injury, brain damage, or organic neurological problems (for example, dementia ) are administered neuropsychological tests
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Who would have supported the notion that intelligence resulted from a single ability and could be represented by a single test score?

I personally highly disagree with this idiotic notion but everyone who takes Intelligence Quotient scores seriously takes this idea seriously. Of course nowadays when employer ( Full Answer )
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What degree course should i do if you have a good aptitude for mental ability tests?

Don't put too much credence in mental ability tests, but if you do have good general mental ability, you should be able to succeed in any degree course you choose. What cour ( Full Answer )
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Can any one enrol with a university if he does not acquire a basic education but can qualify certain tests or have the ability to meet academic standards?

No. Most universities have more or less strict admissions requirements, and one of the usually invariable ones is possession of a secondary school diploma or at least the p ( Full Answer )
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What does lincoln mean by calling the civil war a test of the ability of the nation to long endure?

During the four years of the American Civil War, the presidentsteered the North to victory and authored the EmancipationProclamation, which dealt a severe blow to the institut ( Full Answer )