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What is an abiotic factor?

A non-living part of an organism's habitat. an abiotic factor is a nonliving factor ( thing )An Abiotic factor is a non-living thing in an area such as:temperature,air,water ( Full Answer )
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What does abiotic mean?

\nNot derived from living organisms. Physical rather than biological. . Abiotic is what you would call something in nature that isn't alive. Like a log or a rock. Those are ( Full Answer )
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What is abiotic?

Abiotic is any nonbiological part of the environment such as sunlight, wind, and temperature,water,oxygenAbiotic refers to the physical rather than the biological. Usuallynot ( Full Answer )
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Is air abiotic?

Yes air is abiotic because it cannot breathe. Air is abiotic. Abiotic includes anything that is not alive. ********************************************** Abiotic means s ( Full Answer )
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Are mountains abiotic?

The mountain itself is rock, sand and gravel and not alive so it isabiotic. Abiotic means without (a-) life (bio-).
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What is an abiotic community?

They are the non-biological components of an environment. Things like soil consistency, pH, presence of water, elevation...things like that.
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Is sunlight abiotic?

Yes, sunlight is abiotic because the sun is not and never was a living organism. Abiotic factors include air , water, sunlight, soil, temperature, and climate
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What are abiotic resources?

all non living resources are known as abiotic resources. for example, land, water, minerals etc. the abiotic resources are not renewable except water which is in exhaustible. ( Full Answer )
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Is the sun abiotic?

Yes the sun is abiotic because it does not have a heart and can not grow back..
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Is grass abiotic?

No. Grass is biotic because it is neither dead or alive. The definition of abiotic is neither dead or alive.
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Is plastic abiotic?

well plastic is abiotic and i was searching for a bunch of things to double check and this website is stupid so don't use it
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Is water abiotic?

yes because if you think about it if it doesn't need sun light or water or food or if it's not breathing then it is
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What is Abiotic in ecosystem?

Abiotic factors are essentially non-living components that effect the living organisms of the freshwater community.
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Is seaweed abiotic?

Seaweed is biotic. It is biotic because it is a plant and plantsare living things. Seaweed is a multicellular benthic marine algae.
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What is an abiotic environment?

Abiotic means not derived from living organisms, an absence of life. it's to living things in an environment
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What are abiotic factors?

Abiotic factors are the non-living factors in an ecosystem thateffect the survival of organisms in the ecosystem. Light,temperature, and atmospheric gases are the examples of ( Full Answer )
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What is an abiotic condition?

Refers to all physical elements of an ecosystem, including, for example, climate, soil, water, geology, physiography, ice, and nonliving organic matter like peat.. Source(s): ( Full Answer )
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What is an abiotic process?

Non-biological factor (such as sunlight), material (such as sulfur dioxide), or process (such as hydrolysis) which can affect living or non-living constituents of an ( Full Answer )
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Are people abiotic or abiotic?

Neither! No, people are not abiotic. If people were abiotic, we would be dead. Abiotic means "non-living." But we ARE living. So the correct term for "living" is 'biotic.'
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Are viruses abiotic?

Right now scientists say that viruses contain a few characteristics of living life, but also don't fufil all characteristics of living life. Right now viruses are considered a ( Full Answer )
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What is an abiotic feature?

An anbiotic factor or component is something that is non-livingfactors in the enviroment that effect ecosystems. They can bephysical or chemical.
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Are seashells abiotic?

A sea shell is technically considered an abiotic thing. This isbecause it is does not eat, does not reproduce, and does not needair to breathe.
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Is eucalyptus abiotic?

Eucalyptus trees are living things. This means that they areorganic and biotic factors. Nonliving things are inorganic andabiotic factors.
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Are branches abiotic?

No branches are not abiotic because they are still connected to the tree and the tree is biotic(living) meaning things connected to it are also biotic . The Greek who made up ( Full Answer )
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What are abiotic decomposers?

This question is based on a misconception. Abiotic factors are nonliving parts of an environment, such as temperature and rock type.Biotic factors are living things, which inc ( Full Answer )
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Are diseases abiotic?

A disease can be biotic or abiotic. If it is a bacteria it is biotic, but if it is a virus it is always abiotic, because viruses are not considered living because they cannot ( Full Answer )
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What would be abiotic?

Abiotic: abiotic components are non-living chemical and physical factors in the environment. For example: . Soil . Sand . Wind . Rain . Temperature . Humidity . Etc ( Full Answer )
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Is the porcupine abiotic?

no.....a porcupine is biotic. biotic components comprise of living things while abiotic components comprise of non living things.
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What is the abiotic?

The abiotic refers to the non-living. The abiotic factors of the environment include light, temperature, wind patterns, precipitation, and atmospheric gases.
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What is a factor of Abiotic?

Abiotic means non-living. Something that is abiotic would be rocks, water, wind, weather, ect. I hope that answered your question :)
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Why abiotic interact with abiotic?

iron rusting. iron interacts with the oxygen in the air or water. no biology involved. most kinds of erosion: rivers or oceans washing soil away.
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What is a abiotic relationship?

The relationship with things in an ecosystem that are non-living. Examples include; air, rocks, water.
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Is steak abiotic?

Since steak is no long living, it is abiotic. But it did come froma living animal and that animal was biotic.
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Is an acorn abiotic?

Abiotic means the absence of life or living things. An acorn doeshave life it is able to grow into an oak tree so it is not abiotic.
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What is the abiotic part?

The term itself means without life or no life. In ecosystems thisincludes everything that is not alive. This includes rocks, water(not including the fish in it), air, stones, ( Full Answer )