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What is an abiotic factor?

A non-living part of an organism's habitat. an abiotic factor is a nonliving factor ( thing )An Abiotic factor is a non-living thing in an area such as:temperature,air,water (MORE)
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What is abiotic?

Abiotic is any nonbiological part of the environment such as sunlight, wind, and temperature,water,oxygenAbiotic refers to the physical rather than the biological. Usuallynot (MORE)

Are people abiotic or abiotic?

Neither! No, people are not abiotic. If people were abiotic, we would be dead. Abiotic means "non-living." But we ARE living. So the correct term for "living" is 'biotic.'

What are abiotic decomposers?

This question is based on a misconception. Abiotic factors are nonliving parts of an environment, such as temperature and rock type.Biotic factors are living things, which inc (MORE)

Is the porcupine abiotic?

no.....a porcupine is biotic. biotic components comprise of living things while abiotic components comprise of non living things.

What is the abiotic?

The abiotic refers to the non-living. The abiotic factors of the environment include light, temperature, wind patterns, precipitation, and atmospheric gases.
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What is a factor of Abiotic?

Abiotic means non-living. Something that is abiotic would be rocks, water, wind, weather, ect. I hope that answered your question :)
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Is steak abiotic?

Since steak is no long living, it is abiotic. But it did come froma living animal and that animal was biotic.