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Have air leak noise or hiss coming from the dash behind the steering wheel when you step on brake it cuts the noise abit thanks?

you don't give the year of the car, but if it is 83 - 96 model, it's possible that the hiss is coming from the vacumn assist for the heater gates. Many of the cars from this e ( Full Answer )
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I really really like one of my close friends and she has told me she likes me abit but she has a boyfriend should I tell her how I feel? u already told her you really like her, there is no need to keep going will begin to annoy her and you will start to seem pathetic to her. here is what to ( Full Answer )
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You require the settings for the connections to the Abit AN7 Motherboard as some were pulled off by mistake?

I have a an iCute desktop computer which has an Abit AN7 mother board which in the first place refused to boot up.I think that I may have made a mistake in altering the settin ( Full Answer )
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What is Alice Cullen's abitity in twilight?

She sees into the future at a whim. he only thing that hinders her is that she can't see were wolves.. but the future changes .
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Is this flriting if a boy was nice now mean abit now nice and mean?

that is a nornal why for males to flirt. when just nice guys tend to be put in the friend place which really isn't a bad place the ideal of a relationship is that your basicly ( Full Answer )
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Why is my hamster abit wobbly and abit shaky?

i have the same problem with my hamster! i dot know whats the matter my hamster has been acting really weird and he walks like a hermit crab and she sways when he walks and im ( Full Answer )
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What is the French phrase 'Dans quelle ville tu abites' in English?

Which city do you live in is an English equivalent of 'Dans quelle ville tu abites'. The phrase in French is pronounced 'dawn kehl veel too ah-beet'. In the word by word tra ( Full Answer )
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I tell my boyfriend i love him quite abit but im afraid of losing him But he doesnt believe that i love him What should i do?

prove to him that you love him do some thing awesome, amazing if he still does not believe you then he is not the right guy for you. ^^ above is an answer from someone ( Full Answer )
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You are 16 going on 17 you are drinking heavly near enough every night and when you say heavly its like 9 cans and maybe abit of gin you need help what should you do?

Firstly may I say congratulations on recognising and owning up to your problem. That is the hardest part, but that does not mean the rest will be easy. First go and see your G ( Full Answer )
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Where in the Bible is King David's wife Abital found?

In the King James version the word/name - Abital - appears twice. . 2 Sam 3:4 And the fourth, Adonijah the son of Haggith; and the fifth, Shephatiah the son of Abital; . ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with abit?

Sit . It . Mit . Kit . Wit . Quit . Hit . Nit . Flit . abbot . habit . rabbit . cohabit . inhabit . jackrabbit
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What does aiding abitting mean?

Aiding and abetting means to help something along usually criminal, like if you helped your friend hide from the cops.
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Does the abiter die after Halo 3?

Probably not but master chief does die. . No. The Arbiter does not die. To the previous answerer, wrong. Master Chief does not die. If you beat the entire game on legendary, ( Full Answer )
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Can guys feel it when abit of semen is released?

If it's just a little bit, I doubt they feel it at all but if they are actually ejaculating then yes, they do feel it. They will also feel when it's about it happen.
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What silencer could you put on a BSA meteor mk2 22 air rifle and how do you adjust the spring for abit more power?

See the link below for UK silencers. As for "How to make it a bit more powerful." Take your tin of pellets and pour them out then put a thin flat sponge in the bottom of the t ( Full Answer )
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What type of products does ABIT specialize in?

ABIT specializes in computer products; namely, motherboards. Should an individual be looking for ABIT products please visit the ABIT site for further information or contact th ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Otoja Abit been in?

Otoja Abit has: Played himself in "Emeril Live" in 1997. Played Eavesdroping Restaurant Patron in "Rescue Me" in 2004. Played Basketball Player in "Hardly Working" in 2007. Pl ( Full Answer )