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Can you get pregnant after endometrial ablation?

yes you can. I did; but my doctor told me that my chances for a normal pregnancy were between 20 and 40%. He had me so freaked out and stressed that the pregnancy ended, and t ( Full Answer )
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Are you a candidate for ablation?

Ablation refers to a surgical procedure to correct heart murmursand irregular heartbeat. Candidates for cardiac ablation surgeryare under 80 years of age and are not respondin ( Full Answer )
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When is ablation prescribed?

Ablation is a procedure that corrects heart problems, such asirregular heartbeat. It is for patients who are not doing well onmedications for their condition, and are under 80 ( Full Answer )
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Use ablate in sentence?

Example 1: The doctor ablated his patient's liver tumor and then injected the area with a potent immune-boosting gene-product. Example 2: The scientist lesioned preci ( Full Answer )
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Is pregnancy possible after ablation?

IF you are referring to lasar ablation of the cervix, yes it is possible to become pregnant. My first pregnancy commenced about 18 months after my ablation surgery.
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Can you get pregnant after an ablation surgery?

ablation? or abortion? you can get pregnant, but if you had an abortion its best to either go on birth control or not have sex until you are ready to have a child thus the r ( Full Answer )
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What is heart ablation?

Cardiac ablation is used to eliminate heart arrhythmia ( a disruption in the regularity of the heartbeat ) , caused by improper arrangement or placement within the heart.
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What is radiofrequency ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation is another technique which uses scarring to shrink the uvula and/or soft palate. A needle electrode is used to shrink and scar the mouth and throat tis ( Full Answer )
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Are you sterile after an ablation?

I'm assuming you meant "abortion". The answer is, no, not if your abortion was performed safely and legally by the proper institution, such as a registered abortion clinic. ( Full Answer )
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How does the catheter ablation enter the heart?

Once the type of irregular heartbeat is identified and these medicines are given, the catheter is inserted through a blood vessel and into the heart.
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What does a catheter ablation interrupt?

The technique of catheter ablation (meaning tube-guided removal) is used to interrupt the abnormal contractions in the heart, allowing normal heart beating to resume.
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What does a catheter ablation involve?

Catheter ablation of an irregular heartbeat involves having a tube (a catheter) inserted into the heart.
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What is transurethral needle ablation?

The patient is given local anesthesia, and a needle is inserted into the prostate and radio frequency energy is applied to destroy the tissue that is obstructing urine flow.
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How does radiofrequency ablation work?

Radiofrequency waves sent through a needle guided by ultrasound, destroys the blood supply to the tumor/blood vessels/tissues with heat.
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How is surgical ablation performed?

performed in an operating room under general anesthesia. Computerized mapping techniques are combined with a cold probe to destroy arrhythmiacausing tissue. Ablation is genera ( Full Answer )
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What is a catheter ablation procedure?

In a catheter ablation procedure, the doctor will place a special catheter against the area of the heart responsible for the problem
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What is the difference between cauterization and ablation?

cauterization is the act of burning, searing, or cutting to destroy tissue through the use of a chemical agent, such as a caustic substance, or laser, or surgical instrument w ( Full Answer )
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What does a cardiac ablation procedure entail?

The procedure can last up to and over 4 hours. The skin will be cleaned, a small cut will be made and a catheter will be inserted. A problem area will be located and the cathe ( Full Answer )
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What specifically is ablation?

Radio Frequency ablation is a medical procedure used to treat tumors. This is done in conjunctin with something like x-ray screening, CT scans, or ultrasounds.
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What is the purpose of novasure endometrial ablation?

The purpose of a NovasSure endometrial ablation is to reduce the heaviness of a woman's periods. The method is to use electrical energy to destroy the womb lining. NovaSure ( Full Answer )
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What does endometrial ablation surgery involve?

Endometrial ablation surgery involves surgically destroying the first couple of tissue linings in the uterus. This helps women who have heavy periods have lighter ones but it ( Full Answer )
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What is the medical definition of cardiac ablation?

Cardiac ablation refers to a type of procedure done to correct heart rhythm problems, known as arrhythmias. Ablation achieves this through the use of catheters.
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Does heart ablation cure a-fib?

Cure? No. it can lessen the severity of the problem, or increasethe interval between problem episodes, but it won't cure theproblem and make sure it never comes back. "Atrial ( Full Answer )