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What is bcr-abl?

The ABL part of chromosome 9 breaks off and fuses tothe BCR part of chromosome 22. thus, it is called BCR-ABL.
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What does ABL stand for?

Abl could stand for:. -Airborne Laser. -Atmospheric Boundary Layer. -American Biltrite, Inc.. -Armored Box Launcher. -Alameda Belt Line. -Ammunition Basic Load. -Alloca ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with able?

stable,label, Table cable, stable, Mabel, or some things that end in the suffix -able ANSWER: Am I able to rhyme words with able? Am I comfortable with words that string ( Full Answer )
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When are you able to get pregnant?

You can get pregnant all the time but the best time is 12-15 days after your period finished
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What is energy able to do?

Energy is able to do work . That's the simple physics answer to the simple question.. Energy can appear in a number of forms. Thermal energy (like heat), mechanical energy ( ( Full Answer )
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What is different from can and be able to?

Nothing is different between 'can' and 'be able to'.. They are simply two different words with the same meaning of 'i can do this'.. Hope this helps.
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Comparative of able?

The comparative form of able is abler. This means having theability and power to do something in a proficient manner.
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What is an able seaman?

An Able Seaman is an experienced seaman in the upperdeck department who assists the officer on watch, steers the ship and keeps gangway watch; one grade higher than the beginn ( Full Answer )
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What are floods able to do?

floods are able to wash away your homes and flood the land and kill people and animals and do other stuff like that
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Is a father able?

NO!! Because some men are good gentle men and some are not ? Some just want to get in your pants .....
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Who were cane and able?

the sons of Adam and eve. you really need to read your bible more often.
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What are you able to do if you have asthma?

any thing you usually do but it will be harder to brethtw try and get an inhaler from your docter it will help you brethe beter if you find it hard...i have asthma
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Is 'able' a noun?

Able can be a name of a person so yes. It is also an adj.
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What does ablative mean?

The word ablative means that something is capable of being able toablation. Ablation is when an erosive vaporizes or chips away at amaterial.
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Who killed Able?

In the bible Cain , Abel's brother killed him. In the Norse myth beowolf the monster Grendel is supposed to bare the "mark of Cain"
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What are enzymes able to do?

Enzymes are acids in our stomach than break down food particles. You see, When we chew food, it is not broken down completely, so enzymes break them down in the stomach, and t ( Full Answer )
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What is sentence for able?

In the Progess able it means to steal or to rob so under the stand remember to able something
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What is able adjective?

Able is an adjective, the corresponding noun is ability and the corresponding adverb is ably
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What is a semiconductor able to do?

Semiconductors are used to make semiconductor devices, which led to the Information Age of the late 20th century. These devices include actuators and control systems in cars, ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to be able to do a split?

you would have to stretch very often to succeed in that i learned by watching videos on youtube on stretching and tips
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How you able your iPhone?

Able it? If it already has a service provider, plug it into your iTunes. Go to the App store and start downloading apps.
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Why you are not able to get into the blackholes?

You can. Its just that u will be compressed about 1 million times, and it's gravitaional force is so great not even light can come out.
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When will you be able to teleport?

Not in the foreseeable future. There is some speculation it can be done now & was done in the forties (Philadelphia Experiment) The project was based on Einstein's theoreti ( Full Answer )
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Who is Able in The Bible?

Abel was a son of Adam and Eve; also the younger brother of Cain. He is most well known in the book of Genesis, chapter 4. In that chapter, Cain kills Abel in a fit of jealous ( Full Answer )
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Is able a pronoun?

No, the word 'able' is an adjective , a word thatdescribes a noun as having sufficient power or resources toaccomplish something. . example: George is able to come by train ( Full Answer )
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What is it that muscles are not able to do?

Muscles can only pull not push. That is why they work in pairs an example is your tricep and bicep, your bicep pulls your arm up and your tricep pulls your arm down.
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What is verb of able?

Able is an adjective it doesn't have a verb verb form. The construction able to takes an infinitive to show the subject's ability to accomplish an action: I am able to ( Full Answer )
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What is an ablative?

The ablative is a noun case in Latin. This ending is used on nouns to indicate by, with, or from a noun. It can also be used to indicate going away from a noun. Certain pr ( Full Answer )
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What is the adjective of able?

"Able". For example: I am able. Able Joe started working. I chose an able one.
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What do you have to do to be able to drive?

you have follow this points: 1. you have to reach to the age necessary for driving. 2. Then you have to apply for the driving license. 3. You must know driving. 4. And M ( Full Answer )
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How are you able to speak?

Your brain has a language center and as you grow you learn how to talk and put words together by listening and to copy the people around you. You learn the the names of things ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of able?

Able usually refers to the ability to perform a function. If someone is able to do something, it means they have the necessary skills or tools to carry out the job.
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How are you able to do something?

You're doing something right now, man. You're blinking, and ifyou're not, you are staring. You are also moving; it is impossibleto not move. And soforth.
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What are database ables?

Database is the collection of data which are interrelated with each other. Data in database is stored in form of table these tables are known as database tables.