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What does ablaze mean?

It means afire, or flaming. Or it can be used metaphorically to mean fervent, or ardent. If you mean "ablaze" it means on fire.
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When something is set ablaze it makes this?

Light (energy) . Heat (energy) . Carbon Dioxide . Water . Smoke . Steam . Particulates . Carbon soot (ash) . Hydrocarbon emissions
In History of the United States

Who set the White House ablaze?

During the War of 1812 it was set ablaze by the British Army. I found the answer at the following link.
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What are some sentences with the word ablaze?

By the time we realized the empty shack was burning, it was completely ablaze. The tabloids were ablaze with headlines about the governor's mistress. (metaphor)
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What rhymes with ablaze?

In the context of spoken or sung English many things could work. days haze says ect amaze a phase a glaze a haze a ways
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How can you put the word ablaze in a sentence?

By the time the firemen arrived, the shed was not only ablaze , it was fully engulfed with fire and would be a total loss.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Ablaze - 2001?

The cast of Ablaze - 2001 includes: Edward Albert as Mayor Phillips Tom Arnold as Wendell Mays Richard Biggs as Garrison David Bowe as Rick Woods John Bradley as Jack Thomas M ( Full Answer )