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What is an abnormal ecg?

An abnormal ECG is when the electrocardiogram shows results outsidethe norm. These results are usually indicative of problems in theheart, such as enlargement, higher potassiu (MORE)
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What is abnormal hemoglobin?

Abnormal hemoglobin is a lab result . First it is important to know what hemoglobin is, it is the stuff that fills your red blood cells. You will have to check with your docto (MORE)

What is abnormal?

Abnormal is anything that is not normal. Another word that could beused in place of abnormal would be uncommon.

Who is Abnormality?

Abnormality is a grindcore band that formed in 2006.. The band features a lead musical developer for Rock Band 2. . Which is probably why the song is in the game. Abnorma (MORE)
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What is abnormal gain?

if the actual loss is greater than normal loss. it is known as abnormal loss but if the actual loss is less than normal loss a gain is obtained which is called abnormal gain o (MORE)
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What to do for abnormal vitals?

The answer depends on: . The vital sign . The direction of the abnormality (too low or too high) . The context (why is the patient in that situation?) . Your role on the h (MORE)

What is a abnormality?

An abnormality is something that is not normal in genetics or something that is 'out of this world'.