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How do you use abode in a sentence?

You may say, "Welcome to my humble abode." Abode means "place of residence." Another example of usage is: "I'll tell you when we arrive at my abode."
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What is a Cockney's abode?

Answer A Cockney is (usually) a working class person from London, England - particularly from the East End of London. Traditionally, to qualify to be a Cockney you had to ( Full Answer )
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What is Abode Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based (meaning it doesn't pixellate even if you zoom in) drawing program which was developed and marketed by Adobe Systems.
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What is a Fox's abode 3 letters?

An abode is a living place or home. A fox lives in a den which it digs into the earth. Usually, the dog fox, or male, lives there with the vixen, or female, and their kits, or ( Full Answer )
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What does abode mean?

abode means a self containtain place to live in. A house or anapartment would be examples
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What is abode reader?

Adobe Reader is software that lets you read PDF files. It is available free from Adobe (see link below). Mac OSX comes with Preview (in the Applications folder) which will d ( Full Answer )
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Definition of liberty abode?

Liberty of abode is the freedom to live wherever you choose to live under the limits prescribed by the law.
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What is liberty of abode?

Liberty of abode is freedom of person to have his home in any place chosen and to change it at will, and go travel as he pleases without interference from any source, except u ( Full Answer )
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Abode of God and the angels in early Christianity?

Answer . Christians have always believed that God is a spirit and not limited by time and space; thus God is present everywhere. Yet, traditionally, Christians have used the ( Full Answer )
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Abode of god and the angels?

God and his angels are in Heaven which is where true believers and good people go to when they die.
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Who uses abode illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is used by many artists. Freelance graphic designers often use it because it is a vector program, meaning the designs can be made to be any size without losi ( Full Answer )
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What does the abode of God mean?

Throughout the ages, down through the corridors of time, can be heard the echo of the cry of God's heart for a people in whom He might dwell. Since before the foundations of t ( Full Answer )
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Definition of liberty of abode?

Liberty of abode is the freedom to live wherever you choose to live under the limits prescribed by the law.
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What is liberty abode and right to travel?

Liberty to abode includes the right to choose one's residence to leave it whenever one pleases, within the limits prescribed by law, to travel where one wills, and to return t ( Full Answer )
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Who lived in the abode of sleep?

A shepherd lives in the abode of sheep. Christ lives with hischildren, who are called His sheep in His abode.
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Galilean moon Europa might be an abode?

thats to say that it might be able to harbour simple life forms, if it were to have a liquid ocean beneth its icy crust - as scientists suspect it may have.
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In sims what is an abode?

when the game tells you to upgrade you abode when you go into buy mode it simply means you need to upgrade your home. add new and nicer items into you home to upgrade you abod ( Full Answer )
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What is a cockneys abode?

A real cockney has to be born in London within the sound of Bow Bells, if not they are not a cockney.
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Use a sentence with the word abode?

Abode means a dwelling place, or to dwell. Here are some sentences. . Her abode was in the midwest. . They abode at that address for twenty years. . I love my new abode.
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How do you crop an image in abode photo shop?

Press C on keyboard to activate Crop Tool then click on image and drag to make selection on image. Part of image which will be deleted is grayed (black color 75%opacity)
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Which Indian city known as abode of God?

As far as I know there is no city called abode of God. There is the Sikh golden temple in Amritsar known as the abode of god. And there is Allahabad or City of God built b ( Full Answer )
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Where is Abode house on sim 3 ds?

if by "Abode" you mean the poet's adode with that girl sim it is in the right near the rommie house. HOPE IT WORKS
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How do you put abode on iPad?

Question: How do you but Adobe Flash Player onto an Apple Ipad? Answer: Apple does not support third party programs like this, the main reason for this is so that people wi ( Full Answer )
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What is the abode flash player?

something that is required for many games, animations, and other media content on the internet are presented in flash form. Unless you have downloaded flashplayer, you wont be ( Full Answer )
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Which word has the same meaning as abode?

abode is basically a place in which somebody resides a word that means that is home or house if you mean divine abode then heaven is the word
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What does it mean that Sparta is Ares' abode in Greek mythology?

Ares was not widely worshiped in Ancient Greece, save in Sparta, where he was viewed second only to Athena (the city's patron god). The Spartans built their society on the pri ( Full Answer )
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What is past participle of abode?

"Abode" , when a verb, is an alternative simple past tense of the verb "abide". The past participle of "abide" is "abided".
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Where is God's abode in mind or in heart?

God is not a little mystical ball of energy that zips around here-&-there in multi-lightning speed, as if HE should abide literally within your heart or brain. The Bible says ( Full Answer )
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What is the abode of a Frau?

"Frau's Abode" has been used as a crossword question, along with 'Frau's spot". The answer in many places is "Haus", the German language word for "House."
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Where can one find Abode Glasgow in the US?

You would be able to find Abode Glasgow within the UK in Lanarkshire, Scotland. This is the county in which Glasgow is the major town and where the Edwardian hotel resides.
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Is the word abode a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'abode' is a common noun , a general word for a place where one staysor lives. The word 'abode' is also the past participle, past tense of theverb to abide (a ( Full Answer )
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What are abode houses?

Adobe is the Spanish word for m ud brick, a natural building material made from sand, clay,water, and some kind of fibrous or organic material (sticks, straw,and/or manure), ( Full Answer )