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What is abolitionism?

Abolitionism was a movement to do away with slavery, notablyin the US from 1800 to 1863. Actual slavery in the US was outlawedby the 13th Amendment in 1865. As a schism deve ( Full Answer )
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Abolitionism grew stronger in 1852 because of what?

Answer . One thing was the publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin, an anti-slavery publication by Harriet Beecher Stowe which sought to show the plight of the slaves in the US.
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The Republican Party was first associated with northern interests and abolitionism Because of this association how did the South view the election of Abraham Lincoln as President?

The Confederacy viewed Abraham Lincon's election as a threat. They knew that he might abolish slavery. One interesting fact, though, is that he only abolished slavery in the C ( Full Answer )
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What is the root word of abolitionism?

The word "Abolish" comes from the following: Middle French aboliss-, extended stem of abolir to destroy (1265 in Old French), to revoke, annul (1344), to abolish, destroy by ( Full Answer )
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In what ways did the second great awakening in the North influence two of the following abolitionism temperance cult of domesticity?

The Second Great Awakening was a powerful religious revival lead by the preacher Charles G. Finney that swept the nation during the mid 1800s. While it was potent in every reg ( Full Answer )
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Why was abolitionism unpopular at first?

It is unknown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! troll^ "southern planters owed northern bankers and other creditors about $300 million, and much of this immense sum would be lost----as, ( Full Answer )
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How did abolitionism and anti-slavery shape American politics in the 1840s and 1850s?

During the 1840s, abolitionism entered mainstream American life.With the publication of anti-slavery newspapers like NorthStar and political activism especially amongst reli ( Full Answer )
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Why did the South believe abolitionism threatened their way of life?

Slavery had been an institution from the time when Britain ruled the 13 American colonies. Great Britain had outlawed slavery in the early part of the 19th century. Anti slav ( Full Answer )
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What were the effects of abolitionism?

It help to send slaves back into slavery so they could bring more people to freedom that makes no type of sense. (the comment above me) an abolitionists is someone wh ( Full Answer )
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What is the abolitionism movement?

The abolitionism movement (as you refer to it) was a movement to end (abolish means end) slavery. In Europe the movement to abolish slavery started as early as the 1500s. If y ( Full Answer )
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Was Franklin Pierce an advocate for abolitionism?

No- Pierce was not an abolitionist. He was not personally in favor of slavery, but considered the right to keep slaves as something that was part of the agreement that states ( Full Answer )
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Why was abolitionism important?

Abolitionism was important because it i llegalized all forms of slavery and it stops all forms of hated things.
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How did abolitionism cause the civil war?

The Abolitionists were a small but powerful lobby in Congress, who were increasingly able to block the creation of new slave-states. This weakened the voting power of the Sou ( Full Answer )
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What is religious abolitionism?

Christians and Quakers were very involved with the abolitionist movement in early America to abolish (end) slavery in America.
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How Did Abolitionism contribute to the outbreak of the civil war?

The Abolitionists were not very numerous, but they included some highly respected men in Congress and the Senate. After the Mexican War, there were vast new territories that ( Full Answer )
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What is abolitionism and what do they stand for?

abolitionism is wen people want to end slavery and stop it. abolitionists mainly fight for slaves and want to set the slaves free
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Why is the Fugitive Slave act so significant in the movement towards abolitionism?

The Fugitive Slave Act was so significant in the North's trend towards abolitionism because it gave people personal reasons to despise the South's slave system. As part of the ( Full Answer )
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Abolitionism was what kind of movement?

The abolitionist movement denounced slavery in the United States and abroad. The members worked diligently to change the laws that made slavery legal.
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Who opposed abolitionism?

oh my got i simply need help with this question who can anwser itim a 8th grade student who needs help with this question. Comparethe arguments of Northerners with Southerners ( Full Answer )