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What was the abolitionist movement?

This was a movement to abolish slavery on the US. The slave stateshad become dependent on slave labor long before the United Stateswas formed. The right to retain slaves and e ( Full Answer )
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What did the abolitionists do?

The abolitionists were people who were against slavery in the 1800's, and believed in the immediate end and abolishment of slavery in America. Abolitionists sought to pass la ( Full Answer )
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Who were the abolitionists?

Abolitionists were people in the US who sought to abolish, or end, slavery in the 1800's. Whether or not to abolish slavery was a key issue that led to the US Civil War.
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What is an 'abolitionist'?

A person opposed to slavery and in favor of ending it. The word 'abolish' means to do away with. The person wants to abolish slavery; that's why they are called abolitionists. ( Full Answer )
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What does abolitionist mean?

Someone who wants to abolish something. In American History, people who wanted to abolish slavery were called abolitionists.
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Who were the last abolitionists?

There are still abolitionists to this day, because there is stillslavery. (For example, it is estimated that 15-20% of theMauritanian population is made of slaves.
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Who were some abolitionists?

Three abolitionists are: 1. Harriet Tubman-escaped slave, conductor of the UndergroundRailroad. 2. William Lloyd-publisher of the Liberator . 3. Frederick Douglass-an escape ( Full Answer )
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Who were famous abolitionists?

John Brown was one of the more famous. and Sojourner Truth who helped with the underground railroad system.
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Abolitionist in a sentence?

The great John Brown, as a revolutionary abolitionist, was against slavery to the point of advocating and practicing armed insurrection as a means to abolish it. . John Brow ( Full Answer )
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Who is a famous abolitionist?

There are many famous abolitionists. The most commonly spoken abolitionist is Harriet Tubman. The other abolitionists include Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, William Lloy ( Full Answer )
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Who was a female abolitionist?

Sojourner Truth (1797 - 1883) - abolitionist & feminist Angelina Grimke (1803 - 1879) - abolitionist & feminist Sarah Grimke (1792 - 1873) - abolitionist & feminist Franc ( Full Answer )
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The person who was NOT an abolitionist?

There are many people who were not abolitionists such as AbrahamLincoln. Lincoln himself was actually a slave holder but set hisslaves free.
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A sentence for abolitionist?

Harriet Beecher Stowe is a famous American abolitionist. The wordabolitionist is a noun. Synonyms for this word are advocate,activist, and revolutionary.
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Who were the abolitionists of 1862?

There were many during the Emancipation Proclamation period of 1862, depends on what city and state you mean. Here are a few: William Wilberforce, Wendall Phillips, Mary Todd ( Full Answer )
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Is an abolitionist a speaker?

An abolitionist is a person who believes in abolishing (doing away with) slavery.. Before, and during the American Civil War, many abolitionists were outspoken about their be ( Full Answer )
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What did abolitionist believe?

abolitionists believed that if you were a slave then you could make your master an abomanation...close quote..... abolitionists believed that if you were a slave then you cou ( Full Answer )
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Where did abolitionists live?

Abolitionists lived along the Underground Railroad so they could assist slaves on the run by giving a safe place to spend the night. Other abolitionists lived in big cities to ( Full Answer )
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What abolitionist means?

Abolitionists were part of a movement who wanted to end slavery during the 1800's. .
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What were the beliefs of abolitionists?

The abolitionists were members of the growing band of reformers who worked to abolish, or end, slavery.
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Were there abolitionists in the south?

Yes, they helped organize the Southern routes for the Underground Railroad and secretly helped slaves escape to freedom in the North.
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What did abolitionists do for us?

They were responsible for ending slavery in the United States, along with the Civil War, Frederick Douglas and President Abraham Lincoln.
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Which writer was a abolitionist?

Harriet Beecher Stowe was an abolitionist such as seen in her novel 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'
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What is an abolitionist and who was an abolitionist?

An abolitionist is one who believes that an institution should be abolished, that is, removed and/or made illegal. This is specifically applied to those who sought to end sla ( Full Answer )
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Who is an abolitionist Explain?

An abolitionist is a person who opposes slavery. The ones who truly dislike it go out there and free their slaves or convince others to oppose it, like Harriet Tubman and the ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about abolitionists?

they were people who wanted slavery to end, and made cases for it. . they used speeches and letters to government. . William Lloyd garrison published a radical anti slavery ( Full Answer )
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What is abolitionist in a sentence?

During the 1800's, an abolitionist was considered someone who was for the immediate removal of slavery across the entire U.S. and was willing to resort to any means to get it, ( Full Answer )
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What is the abolitionist in the civil?

People who believed that slavery should be banned outright. They didn't like Lincoln allowing the Border States to continue slavery, because he didn't want to upset powerful ( Full Answer )
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Why was Lincoln an abolitionist?

Abraham Lincoln was indeed not an abolitionist. Although he signed the Emancipation Proclamation during the Civil War, the proclamation did not literally free the slaves. ( Full Answer )
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Which people were abolitionists?

there where many abolitioniststs. There was harriet tubman, Daviswalker and they are mainly the people who somehow help slavery.
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Who was famous abolitionist?

Sojourner Truth Fredrick Douglas John Brown Harriet Tubman William Still Angelina Grimke Sister Sarah William Lloyd Garrison
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Who did not agree with the abolitionist?

Before the US Civil War even many sound minded people in the North disagreed with the anti slavery abolitionists about slavery in the South. It should be noted here that even ( Full Answer )
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What is the importance of abolitionists?

Abolition wasn't about making a union from the States, but about fostering the right of humans to be free from ownership, and the right to stand as an equal human being who de ( Full Answer )