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What was the tariff of abominations?

This was a protective tariff passed by Congress on May 19th, 1828.Labeled "Tariff of Abominations" by its southern detractors becauseof the effects it had on the South's econo (MORE)
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What was the tarriff of abominations?

The Tariff of Abominations is a derisive term used by southernersto describe the Tariff of 1828. The Tariff of 1828 was a protectivetariff that was passed to help northern ind (MORE)
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What did the tariff of abomination do?

The tariff of abomination eventually led to the Nullification Crisis in South Carolina. John C. Calhoon wanted to nullify this tariff because it put South Carolina at an disad (MORE)
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Is the Abomination stronger than the Hulk?

At base level the abonimation is stronger than the Hulk; however as the Hulk gets more angry the stronger he gets. So as the Hulk gets more angry his strength increases and he (MORE)
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How do you defeat abomination on the incredible hulk?

defeating abomination is REALLY simple, all u have to do is do a ground slam. in case u didn't know what that is, it's jumping into the air, and then slamming the ground when (MORE)
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Tarriff of Abominations?

It was a tax on manufacturing goods imported from Europe passed by Congress in 1828, in order to protect American goods and manufacturing.
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What is the abominable snowman?

The Abominable Snowman, sometimes known as a yeti is a strange, hairy, human-like animal said to inhabit high mountains such as those in Tibet. Others day it is a figment of t (MORE)
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What is an abomination?

Something very shameful and vile!! Also something greatly disliked. The word "abomination" means that which is hated and loathed. It is often referred to as part of a Biblic (MORE)
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What is abominal fluid?

It is put in the deceased so the human body will not smell or have a odor To do this they take blood out by either warming the body because when you die the blood get stiff s (MORE)
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What is abomination?

Abomination means its somthing horrible. its a strong dis like somthing. its anithink hateful and disusting. the word they use is detedtation
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Is homosexuality an abomination?

Homosexuality as an Abomination . An abomination defines an action that is vicious or vile to god. In that homosexual sex is a sin in Christianity, it could be defined this (MORE)
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Abomination in a sentence?

A abomination is when something is conceived as detestable,unlawful or repulsive. What the mad scientist created was agrotesque abomination in the eyes of the town.
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What are abominations?

OH! this might help out.. Abomination may refer to......... . Abomination (Bible) , covering Biblical references . Abomination, a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid from the game (MORE)
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Who Tariff of Abominations?

The Congress passed the bill for the Tariff. The southerners later called it the tariff of abominations, because it was a very high tariff.
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Is circumcision an abomination?

"In Judaism, and in Islam, the human being is considered to be made in the image of God, and God is conceptualized as perfect. So one could not argue that interfering with God (MORE)
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Who is abomination in the book abomination?

Martha's nephew (Marys son) his real name is jimwen Mary ran away the parents said they would adopt him but instead they locked him in a cage and named him ABOMINATION .
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Who opposed the ''Tariff of Abominations''?

Vice Presiden John C. Calhoun, along with various southern states,opposed the tariff, believing it to be unconstitutional, favoringone sector of the economy over another. They (MORE)
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A sentence using the word abominate?

David abominates vegetable, he foes not even want them on his dinner plate. This shows that David dislikes vegetable. Remembe... Abominate means to dislike strongly. :)
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Who painted the abomination?

Angus mazwell painted the abomination next door to were the mona Lisa was painted, they were both painted at the same time.
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Is same-sex marriage an abomination?

That question is irrelevant its roots are traced back to god now if you believe what ignorant religious people say about god then yes it is most definitely an abomination howe (MORE)
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What is the Yankee Tariff of Abomination?

A tariff that wasn't even meant to pass congress. It stipulated a ridiculously high import tariff, and the foreign economic response mainly affected the Southern States.
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Is there a blue Abomination?

No. It is just a internet roomer to match the appearance off thenew Red Hulk
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Who would win juggernaut or abomination?

that would be hard. first because they both have healing abilitys and abomination is stronger than hulk at his normal strength and juggernaut is equally as strong as hulk but (MORE)
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Who would win maestro or abomination?

Maestro would win. He is stronger and more expierienced at fighting and he grows stronger the angrier he gets and there is no limit. Hulk has beaten abomination in almost all (MORE)
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Who is abbey abominable?

Abbey Bominable is a monster high character. She has white hair with purple,pink and blue strikes at the back. She is a strong character but shy at times,her pet is shiver a p (MORE)
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How do you get to the abomination on PS3?

you try too unlock the whole game by unlocking it one at a time or ill give you the code a35f if that doesn't work then ill give it to you again
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What is the film Abominable about?

The film Abominable is about the Abominable snowman. Also known as Yeti, Sasquatch and of course the infamous Big Foot. A man staying in a remote cabin in the woods who is inj (MORE)
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What are Abominations powers?

Superhuman strength enables leaps of 2 miles; tough skin withstands small arms fire. Unlike Hulk, the Abomination's strength does not increase with rage, and he rarely returns (MORE)
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What is the abomination of desecration?

If you mean " the abomination of desolation " then his phraseis found in the book of Daniel (11:31 and 12:11) and was also usedby Jesus in the gospels (Matt 24:15 and Mark 13: (MORE)